Don't date Marc Jacobs...

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  1. I found this pic on fashionologie's fabulous blog ( This is a pic of Marc Jacobs and his very cute boyfriend, who is sporting a LV tee and a brand new "Marc Jacobs" tattoo. There's some sort of weird "before I can love you, I must brand you" vibe to this relationship. You KNOW Tom Cruise is all over this, he'll have poor Katie tattooed within the week :wacko:
  2. I read on Page 6 that the boy toy received that tat, but when I imagined it, I did not think it would be so big! What a weirdo. :P
  3. branded like cattle ... so sad.
  4. I have a feeling it wasn't Marc's idea. lol I hope they stay together.
  5. Better start socking away his money in case the relationship goes bust. Laser tattoo removal is expensive!
  6. wow. I love Marc but that made me instantly dislike the boytoy.
  7. No subtleness to that tat...ugh.
  8. If it was Marc's idea to get him branded then I say he's off the rocker :amuse: I'd never let anyone do that to me... and even if it was his own idea... beats me :blink:
  9. Is that a real tattoo?
  10. I bet Marc's boy sports Marc's purses too :lol: ,idiot :sick: .
  11. Would the boy toy get money for such adverstisement...!? like the girl who branded some website's name on her forehead....?

    It's sad, he is quite cute...
  12. oh whatever. It's cute.

    Marc should have his very own little boytoy. :-P I'm sure neither of them are complaining.
  13. lol....I hope they stay together too....I wonder what the tattoo artist was thinking...some places actually refuse to tattoo names... but obviously nobody would deny a high fashion designer anything!
  14. What do you think the chances of Marc getting his boy toy's name tattooed on himself? Slim to non I think...
  15. *none
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