DON'T CHECK YOUR LV LUGGAGE-a cautionary tale

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  1. Ok so it happened once... Why on earth would you do it again?!
  2. Yikes! That's too bad....:sad:unfortunately to some....he's a target. I travel alot as well. I am sure to carry on my nice stuff every time.....
  3. It's common sense. really. gosh.
  4. That's awful, but it doesn't exactly surprise me.

    And... not being funny, but I wouldn't buy more LV luggage and check it immediately after two expensive pieces were stolen from me because I checked them.

    I could never check LV luggage anyway - the thought of it being tossed around by the baggage handlers .... :sick:
  5. I've just been reading some of the ridiculous comments left below this article. This is my particular favourite:

    "Grown, heterosexual men should NOT use fancy luggage. Period."

    Um, what.
  6. why in the world would you check your LV to begin with? i would be scared of it getting stolen too. I got on a flight to charleston, where the plane was small and my luggage didnt fit overhead, and the flight attendant said they would need to put it under the plane and i said like hell they would! i would put on everything in my bag until it fit overhead if necessary!
  7. Yeah.... LV luggage is best for weekend trips by car, train, or chartered jet... not Delta Airlines. Anyone who doesn't learn their lesson the first time is foolish.
  8. Sounds like he likes buying baggage handlers expensive gifts :confused1:
  9. Yes, I agree, this story has it all - gullible guy who checked LV-twice(!), thieves in baggage handling, lying airport management, snarky commentators, and a cheap Walmart bag!
  10. A buddy of mine, who worked at an airport in Houston. Told me when nice luggage would come through a lot of the guys who worked there would run over it on purpose. That being said, my LV stays close to me.
  11. It just seems like common sense to NOT check in your LV luggage on a commercial flight.
  12. personally, i do everything i can to avoid checking luggage in general. lol
  13. OMG that sucks sooo bad..thats y i never check in my nice bags!