Don't cha just love it when your kids poop in the bathtub..

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  1. Ah yes, Christmas break is in full swing at my house.. Kids climbing the walls, mommy drinking a little more wine than usual :shame: My 3 year old crapping in the tub this morning.

    Fa la la la la...

  2. They do that when they're happy and relaxed..I swear, all moms in this world have had their kids poop in the tub at least once!
  3. awwww. you deserve a new bbag.
  4. A woman after my own heart :graucho:
  5. I just remember my older daughter screaming from the bathroom,
    "MOM!!! Grace pooped in the tub!":roflmfao:
  6. OMG this reminds me of why I am NOT cut out to be a mom!!

  7. At least your little darling didn't poop in the upstairs bathroom and then go down the white carpeted stairs on her butt for you to wipe her, which by the way the carpet did a pretty good job of!:Push:
  8. That gives "Oh, crap!" a whole new meaning ;)
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That is hilarious!!! (as you can tell I have no kids)
  10. Oh my!! 3 kids and can't say that they've ever pulled that one on me...

    You gotta love being a mom. *sighs* Happy Holidays! Poop, wine and ALL!

  11. Oh yes, I feel your pain. As you can see in my avatar I've been through it with 3 of my own. OY~!~
  12. Oh No!:wtf: Sorry, I had to laugh though! Yes, as whistlerchic said, Ya gotta love being a mom! he he

    Now when hubby asks, why do you need another bag? I can answer "Because I scrubbed crap out of the bathtub mat today"... He won't have a good comeback for that one :biggrin:

    PS. Great family pic Kimmie!
  13. Ohmigod, perfect. PERFECT. There is no conceivable comeback, you're right. You Rock.
  14. And this time, you LITERALLY mean you scrubbed crap.
  15. Yep, if they fart in the tub, they give themselves a little enema!:P