Don't carry purses anymore?!

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  1. I'm currently having some neck/shoulder issues and got sent to do some physical therapy. As soon as I sat down in the room to start talking to my therapist, he said, "Your bag is a lovely color, but I'm going to tell you right now to stop carrying it. You don't need a purse, just use a small crossbody messenger bag from now on."

    I am fully prepared to use a swingpack for the time being but never carry my Coach bags again? I think not!!!! Obviously he is crazy! lol
  2. While I believe in taking all measures possible for your health, I would've hit that therapist over the head! :bagslap:
  3. I would listen to your therapist... You don't want these problems to get even worse. I also have shoulder and neck problems and have stopped carrying around huge bags. Always remember that while Coach is great, its not worth your health.
  4. That is toooooooooo funny!!! Great excuse to buy some new swingpacks and wristlets through, right!! :yahoo:

    I almost hate to admit this, but the other night DH and I went to a show, and I didn't want to bring my purse, so I just brought a swingpack. I had to admit it was very liberating and felt so nice and light compared to my purses. I stupidly mentioned this to DH and he said it begs the question why I need so many purses if I can get by with that "little one". It was big enough to fit my debit/credit card, cash, some makeup and a small hairbrush and really, what else do I need? :nuts:
  5. I went to the grocery store with just my wristlet in my pocket and I told my bf that it felt like there was no monkey on my back! LOL. he laughed and said "isn't that good though? maybe you should not bring a bag.."

    I have to say I bring my bags everywhere and sometimes I feel like it would be nice to be without anything but I think to myself "if I don't bring them with me then why do I buy them? to sit at home and look pretty?"
  6. Hmm...I'm just thinking...I think you'll be able to carry your Coaches if and only if you don't put like 10lbs of stuff in your purse. ^__^ Just keep the load light and I think it'll be fine, to be honest.

    Just carry the essential stuff. :Partyhat:
  7. Oh my... that would be tough news to take, but I'm with others, your health is worth it! At least there are a ton of super cute and affordable swingpack's and wristlet's out there! Maybe a shopping trip is in order? :P
  8. get a groovy its like she's not even there she is sooo light :O) and cute at the same time hope your feeling better soon
  9. I hope you feel better soon. I'd stock up on wristlets and small bags for the time being.
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    Unless you're carrying an especially heavy bag--say, 15 pounds or more--I can't imagine that your bag is the culprit for your pain.

    If you don't mind me asking, are you "big chested?" Most of the women in my family are HUGE, as in desperately-need-breast-reductions huge. A full purse is nothing compared to the weight of their chests (of course, this is why many of them do end up getting reductions).


    As a personal note, I do have a couple messenger bags I carry, including one vintage Coach that I like a lot. I have a toddler I have to chase after all day long, so being hands-free is very conducive to handling her in public. And as much as I prefer the looks of some of my larger, newer bags, there's a lot more freedom and comfort with carrying a smaller bag.
  11. when I was in PT for 5 months. I used an airbag till my back was better. I now use my bags but if I am hurting I go light. Do not freak out it may only be a temporary thing.
  12. I'd listen to your PT any try using either small or lightweight bags for awhile. It's nice to be able to sling a swingpack over your shoulder and be hands free too!
  13. He says that no one should ever carry a bag on their shoulder or hooked over their arm, he didn't just mean me. He tells all female patients to get rid of their purses since they don't really need them. Crazy man!!

    Not big chested at all!! lol I've got a pinched nerve so nothing major and hopefully will be taken care of soon now that I'm in therapy.
  14. I'd get a second opinion, lol! But seriously, I guess if it's truly the cause of your pain you could do without it, but I've been carrying a purse since I was ten and they've gotten progressively bigger, and I've never had a problem. I can switch to a small purse if I'm going somewhere special for the evening, but my everyday purse has stuff that I need in it, and it seems like whenever I'm not carrying it I need something that I keep in it: Tylenol, hand sanitizer, lotion, my mirror, etc. Also, I carry a planner with me because I jot down phone numbers, notes, etc, then later transfer the important stuff to my phone, so I can't be without my everyday things all the time.

    And why would you ever tell a woman she doesn't really need a purse, I'd have told him, "if I get rid of it then I'll have nothing to carry all my tampons in", just to see what he said. Hope you feel better soon, Printgal.
  15. Remember...this is a professional, he deals with this sort of thing day in and out--and I suppose if he believe it's your bags, then it is.

    Don't compromise your long term health over a a few nice small ones and treat yourself to a big bag once and while.