don't call me crazy for this....

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  1. okay, the mini bowler is being discontinued.... and Last week BalNYC had 1 black one (and 1 rouge vif for you fendihunter!!!!)

    Now... I know there are some girls out there who collect bbags... so before I go and order the last black one... is there anyone else who wants it?????

    (I would just feel so guilty knowing that there is someone out there who wants it really really really bad and probably use it more than i would...)
  2. I am not interested but I wanted to say that is really sweet of you to be so considerate.
  3. oh nooooo! u should get that! :party:
    i got another dream weekender otw :yahoo:
  4. You shold go for it! I have the same bag. If they don't have it for some reason, I saw the bag yesterday at Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Corner (McLean), VA.

    Good luck!
  5. I got a PDF from Aloha Rag yesterday, they have the mini bowling in black, white, grey and rouge.