Dont buy uggs from!!!

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  1. what ever you do, do not EVER buy UGGS from!!!! they are fake. They are aweful!!!! do not buy them there!!!!!:cursing:
  2. Thanks for letting us now. Sorry this happened to you... can you get your $$$ back? Best of Luck!!!
  3. This website is in CHINA... If you paid with Paypal, file a SNAD claim immediately. If you paid w/ credit card, call your bank or CC Co and file a Chargeback.


    RSP: Onlinezh Inc.

    owner-contact: P-ZWY41
    owner-organization: zhao ye
    owner-fname: zhao
    owner-lname: ye
    owner-street: XiaSha Economic Development Zone
    owner-city: hangzhou
    owner-state: Zhejiang
    owner-zip: 310018
    owner-country: CN
    owner-phone: +86.13067953772
    owner-fax: +86.13067953772

    ALWAYS do a WHOIS search before buying from unknown websites.
    Also a good idea to search TPF and
  4. thanks for that. I never knew how to search for the site like that. I googled the site and nothing came back so i just figured no new is good news. I didnt realize all the problems with the fake websites. I did pay through paypal and I did start a claim with them. Its still being reviewed though. I just want to let as many people as I can know bc I dont want anyone to get screwed like that.
  5. oh and I ended up getting real ones at and and i love them!!
  6. And you are absolutely right hon, to want to warn others about ... and MANY other FAKE UGG websites. But if you check the Uggaustralia website for AUTHORIZED RETAILERS, there are others besides UGG and fleecefootwear. NM, Nordys, and many other sites DO sell AUTH Uggs.
    Always check for AUTH retailers via the manufacturers website AND do a WHOIS search. And even search TPF.
    I do hope that Paypal can get your $$ back. If not, file a chargeback thru your CC co.
    It's sad... there are alot of fake UGG sellers, but there are also many legitimate dealers who sell auth UGG's.