Don't buy this bag!!!

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  1. Report it for picture theft and it should get pulled fairly quickly.
    ETA: the listing has ended. Did you contact the seller?
  2. OMG! Does that mean they are a tpfer or can anyone pull up your collection? You know, ebay probably won't do anything. Someone stole my pics before from another listing and they didn't pull the listing.
  3. I've had happen it quite a few times and it's been pulled every time.
  4. I just looked and the auction ended. The seller was honest about the mistake.
  5. ^^^ good to know.
  6. I can't understand why someone would think it was ok to use one of your pictures for their auction. People are strange.
  7. What do you mean "the seller was honest about the mistake"? How is stealing somebody else's pic a mistake? You're WAY nicer than me, Louis! :flowers: I would have foul-mouthed-bombed-out that seller. :censor::censor:
  8. if they used the same links you can kill your links which will mess up their post, but if they saved the pic the only thing you can do is report it...

    sucks but it's part of the internet.. right click save as is evil lol
  9. This happens all the time. It's a big reason why anyone who posts photos here should watermark them.
  10. oh gosh... that's why it;s scary to buy at ebay sometimes bec. you don't really know that the photos are really theirs and that is the exact same back you are getting.. shame on that seller!
  11. I am technologically challenged, so forgive my question... Do you need special software to watermark pics? I use that in Word but have not done it to protect my pictures and they have ended up on eBay as Louis' did... TIA
  12. Thanks for the warning. I'm always scared of this
  13. Aren't you glad I saw that :0)

    I emailed another seller about sending me a pic of the creed....his response?

    "What you see is what you get. I won't take anymore pics."