Don't buy the S/S 06 White Spy!

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  1. The leather of my white spy is peeling off!!! I talked to my SA, and she told me that that's the nature of the bag.. to make it a more vintage look. But I don't want a bag that's peeling off!! THANK GOODNESS I can return it and get a store credit.

    I think I'm going to get the tan/honey one instead. I love spy bag too much to not want another spy. :lol: The SA told me the tan spy is made with a different kind of leather. Or if by any chance it's also peeling off.. I can return it again :P

    STAR: Don't get the white spy if you don't want a peeled leather white spy!! Is the leather of your chocolate spy coming off too?

    Or is anybody's spy's leather is peeling off too? I think they just made the white spy with a different kind of leather.. I'm just glad that I can get another spy ;)
  2. So its like getting a little 'nibble' while you are still 'fasting'!:lol:
  3. Damn, another spy bites the dust :sad: I really hope my credit card dispute goes through.
  4. what is up with those spys??
  5. No idea :sad: but this blows, I knew I couldn't have been the only one with spy problems!
  6. Holy crap I can't beleive it and I don't curse!
    Wellow if you get your hands on a honey, POST PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!
    My chocolate is fine, but I have worn it 5-6 times! Anyways, I still seriously love spy's so ... I'm with you.
    I can't seem to nab that honey yet, I have to wait. I am telling the SA tomorrow To keep the COGNAC for me. I realized that in years to come, I will probably like the original organicy bohemian style of the cognac rather than the petrol.Make sense?:wacko:
    Here is a picture from E-bay of a spy bag like the one waiting in Florida for me....I can't wait to visit her!

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  7. Yuck! Peeling leather on an expensive designer bag?

    I sincerely doubt they intended for the bag to be like that - it's probably just something the SA or company made up to excuse the defect.
  8. Peeling off? For a more "vintage look"? My butt! LOL
  9. NO kidding ... what a bunch of horse-hucky - VINTAGE, yeah ... right! :weird: :blink:

    BRING IT BACK IMMEDIATELY and get your money back. No way should it be peeling! Neither of my Spy bags are peeling (Cognac & Teal) ... nor should they EVER!!!

    You got it from Fendi?
  10. Yeah.. I got it from Fendi New York..

    At first I talked to the SA that sold me the bag.. and he gave me all the ******** nonsense..

    Then my boyfriend who was getting irritated called the manager for me and get me a store credit..

    I am going to get the tan spy soon... :smile: I'm so happy. I'm going to send the white spy tomorrow. Can't wait to get the tan spy.. Btw, do I need to get the insurance or anything? Can somebody please help me tips on how to send the bag?

  11. Actually.. I will stop fasting soon.. I know it's not that long, but I just can't wait to get a paddy or a balenciaga :lol:.
  12. Wellow, did you ask the SA if TAN is the same as HONEY? I need to figure this out. My SA is French and doesnt seem to think tan is different than the honey. He is getting me the wisteria spy in TAN (that is what the order sheet says). Does that mean HONEY? I want this

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  13. Yup.. tan is honey.. Honey is tan.. I did asked the manager of Fendi this morning. It's the same color.. There's only two color coming for the SS 06 collection.. White and Tan!
  14. You solved a huge question for me - THANK-YOU! I gasped when I saw you knew the answer LOL:lol: Great , so I should be receiving the one in the picture, YAAAAAAAY!!!!:love: It is going to be stunning, post pictures when you receive your tan/honey spy!
  15. I will.. Can you tell me how much is the wisteria? I asked the SA this morning.. she's a little bit clueless.. and give me a bunch of numbers until I'm so confussed.. LOL