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  1. After reading the threads on here about Bluefly selling fake handbags, I talked to a girl recently who said she purchased 2 Chloe bags on Bluefly (one a $1100 small paddington, didnt say what the other one was). I told her about how I read on here about Bluefly having problems with fakes and she said she had supicions because the feel of the leather was different and some other characteristics. She then went to the Chloe store in NY for authentication and was informed that they were fakes. She is getting all her money back, but it makes me wonder what Bluefly is doing about these things.

    One of my major pet peeves is fake merchandise, esp. when you are paying so much money to so-called reputable places like Bluefly. Everyone should let people know that Bluefly has a disclaimer regarding the fact that they purchase from resellers. As for me, I am never buying anything from Bluefly again and I encourage everyone to do the same.
  2. I don't think I would buy handbags from Bluefly now (although I've bought Prada from them in the past with no problem), but I think their other merchandise is quite good and I've always been happy with them. Lots of websites these days are having trouble with their resellers selling them fakes, not just Bluefly.
  3. I wouldn't buy handbags from Bluefly, but I have bought clothing.
  4. All the shoes I have ordered have been authentic
  5. I just received 2 pairs of Jeans, but it is good to know about the bags:amazed:
  6. I have to say that I bought two large Chloe zippy bowler bags from Bluefly and they are the real thing. How do I know? Because I have the same EXACT Chloe style, the large zippy (the dark grey) from Neiman Marcus, and I have one from roz77772002 (the whiskey) on eBay, (who only sells the real thing) and I have another two (the chocolate brown and the blanc) from Elizabeth Thomas on eBay (who also sells only the real thing). I also have the taupe from Net a Porter, and the yellow (or jaune color) from another eBay seller, and that one is the real thing as well. You can tell from the leather, the stitching, and the especially the smell. No one else can duplicate that special "Chloe leather" smell that is so distinctive.
    The two that I got on Bluefly are the black and the color called "gazelle," which is a new tan color for spring '07. They both came in perfect Chloe wrapping, with all the tags printed exactly as the ones from Neiman Marcus, Net a Porter, etc. The leather is absolutely genuine and because I was so paranoid about Bluefly, I brought them into Neiman Marcus to have the Chloe "expert" there look at them, and she said that they were absolutely authentic, no question. I knew it too, from comparing them to my others, but I wanted to be 100% sure.
    Bluefly obviously has some problems with some of their suppliers, but I know they do sell the real thing. I just think that once in a while they get fooled too. I don't think it is their intention to have sold a fake, I just think that it depends on where that particular bag may have come from. In my case, the bags were real, but a customer can get a fake bag, because Bluefly didn't realize they were stocking a fake.
    If you look at Bluefly's stock, they rarely have the paddingtons. I was just lucky and about a month apart, I spotted my zippy's. If they were making a practice of handling fakes, they would be stocking the paddy's like mad, since those are the best sellers, I believe. They get a lot of the bags that I see on sale at Neiman's and Saks Fifth Avenue. I don't believe that they are stocking fake bags as a rule. They also have a very liberal return policy, which again seems to suggest that they stand behind their merchandise. (Try to get an ebay seller of fakes to take back a bag!)
    Anyway, I had a great experience with Bluefly, so I just thought I'd add that to the forum:smile:
  7. I've had two awful experiences with Bluefly as well. I ordered two Fendi bags on two different occasions and both times they sent me the wrong bag. Then, when I mailed the bags back, they took 6 weeks to return one and 8 weeks to return the other. I kept calling them and calling them, and they kept telling me the credit would show to my account in a couple of days. But, I ended up waiting 6-8 weeks on credits for bags I didn't even order! It was so ridiculous! The two Fendi bags they sent me were authentic, but they were the wrong bags!!! I will never order from them again. I had always bought my bags from the boutique or E-luxury, but thought I would be daring and give Bluefly a try. It was a huge mistake. Buyers Beware!!!
  8. I had a return that they claimed was lost in the mail with their prepaid packing label that was a $2,000 order. They ended up crediting my account but it took 4 calls to customer service and 2 months to get my credit back. I think in the end they made things right but I really hate waiting 3 billing cycles to get my credit and having to fork over the money to my credit card company for nothing just to avoid the finance charges.
  9. Regarding clothing, a friend of mine had bought Miss Sixty jeans and then realized that they buttons did not feature the regular logo (after comparing to her jeans she had bought in the store) and had them returned. Obviously $80 jeans is not the same as a $1000+ handbag, but even if a very small percentage of the merchandise is fake, it makes it difficult to trust them because they do not purchase from authorized vendors but from resellers. Sure, that is the risk of doing discount internet shopping, but I do think a big merchant like Bluefly should probably spend more effort to reduce these things from happening since theyre a lot bigger then many other merchants.
  10. I personally don't think that their prices are that great. Ok, perhaps compared to the retail prices they are, but on many occassions, I've seen the same item in-stores for cheaper than what bluefly was selling them for.

    If you price compare for more than a day, you may be able to find the same item elsewhere cheaper and you don't run the risk of getting a fake in the process.
  11. gosh how scary to read all this! how is one to know what are safe websites,,, is there a forum on here about reputable websites (i am kind of new to this purse forum) but i would love to know what sites (aside from elux) are safe sellers and are not getting their merch. from resellers

    does anyone know anything about activeendeavors??
  12. Wow! Good to know! That is ridiculous!
  13. I've had two good experiences with them buying a Fendi and a Prada handbag. I guess it can go either way.
  14. Wow. Thank you for sending this.
  15. I received a fake Chloe paddy from them as well as fake Alice+Jeans slacks.
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