"Don't buy clothes, save your money for jewelry"

  1. This advice was given to me by the most elegant, polished woman I know. She's 52 and married to a hedge fund manager so I realize our lifestyles are somewhat different (understatement of the year). But she said that the biggest lesson she'd like to pass on is that when she was a working young woman, she should have saved her money for jewelry. She advises just a few very basic pieces worn over and over again, and putting the money you otherwise would have spent on clothes into her jewelry.

    Does anyone follow this philosophy? Just curious. :heart:
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  2. Yes, in my life I have saved money for nice jewelry.
    And all mine were diamonds and nice house....... and still now :tup:

    I taught my children that way but they do not listen...may be because of me. I am spoiling them so much.
  3. I agree w/ that woman. I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes-I shop sales, outlets, etc and I am a simple dresser. I want to look nice and put together, but not spend a lot. I prefer to put money toward jewelry that is not going to wear out, go out of style or not fit because I ate too many cupcakes!
  4. That's always been my philosophy. I am the ultimate bargain hunter when it comes to clothing. Most of the pieces in my closet were $10 or less! Clothing goes out of style or gets worn out. Good quality jewelry lasts forever.
  5. I kind of agree. . . my POV is slightly different I think.
    I have a "thing" about buying myself nice jewelry . . . the thing is I won't do it.
    I like it to come from DH for some bizarro reason.
    I buy myself everything else, but I like my valuable jewelry to be a gift for whatever reason.:shrugs:
    Now if I were a single gal, I'd totally do it! LOL! I'm weird, I know and I don't care.:blah:
    Also, I'm not a clothes fiend, I do not care at all about labels or expensive clothing, I actually don't care a great deal about shoes either and I only indulge in 1 or 2 nice bags a year.

    Now before I get dogpiled for being a gold digger or something, let me say that my DH is fine w/ this and that I would rather not get a gift the whole year long and then get one nice piece of jewelry.
    I don't need silly crap for V-Day, Mother's Day or even anniversary or my birthday and Christmas. I like to "save 'em all up" and get one piece I really love and cherish.
  6. while i still am a clothes horse somehow (read classic high quality pieces) i do agree. i for one always had a love affair with jewelery partly due to the reason i only wear black and white rarely gray ALWAYS so accessories helped me to express my personality (believe me jewels speak volumes) and also to safe an outfit from beeing too boring. fabrics go diamonds stay :P
  7. :roflmfao:I dress in bin bags for exactly this reason!!!
  8. This is funny because thats actually been my personal philosophy since I graduated high school. I am 25 and every big purchase that I have made has been on jewelry. I have purchased a few classic handbags (Chanel & Vuitton) that are not just passing trends and I buy pretty simple, classic and good quality clothing basics that I can get a real lot of use out of. My thought has been that I would much rather purchase very nice investment jewelry that I both wear everyday and I will still have and love for years to come, rather then expensive "trendy" clothes that I will wear once or twice and not wear again. I have to admit, I have a very nice jewelry collection for someone my age and I have always had mature and expensive taste but I feel that my jewelry is something that gets worn over and over again and to me that feels like a better investment...
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  9. You are a riot:lol::lol::lol:
  10. What about purses? Are they considered clothes?:shame:
  11. This is me too! (Although I wear black and grey and rarely white, LOL) I'm a very simple classic dresser so I like having some jewelry one to dress things up. I also think that its a good point to remember how much costume jewelry ends up costing if you buy it regularly. Besides for me I don't feel 'dressed' unless I'm wearing some jewerly. I'm part middle-eastern, so its partially a cultural thing.
  12. Purses are considered semi-clothings for me. So I'd rather buy only very good quality purses which I will carry for like 10 years. And I agree with all ladies that saving money for jewelry is better than spending it on clothes.
  13. I live by this as well. I have liked jewelry since I was a child. I think it is important to have a few staple pieces in one's wardrobe (like a classic jacket for winter etc), but for the most part my clothing items are basics that were bought when the stores have their huge sales. I am like Chanel-girl and have pretty sophisticated taste for jewelry. I don't have many pieces, considering I am about to graduate college, but I wear the few I have constantly.

    I also think quality jewelry is made to last more than a lifetime, and that is why I prefer spending a larger portion of my income on jewelry than on handbags, shoes (I know, I am not a big shoe person and hence am in the minority, and clothes). Plus I just love jewelry--what else can I say?

  14. Actually...oh boy...I don't know which I do.

    I don't spend a ton on either. But lately I have sought out more expensive clothing because it FITS better and it wears better. Especially pants. I do try to get them on sale though. And I'm not talking $1,000 ... I'm talking less than $200 for a pair of pants that fits me so well. I guess it depends on the person if they think that is a lot.

    And I don't think I've ever bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry - nothing over $50. Hubby has bought me sapphire earrings and my original wedding ring. One of these days we plan to get a really nice anniversary ring though. :smile: Everything else I've inherited or made myself.
  15. I agree with most, I personally don't like spending a lot of $$$ on clothes, especially when styles change so fast. Jewelry lasts forever.