Don't Bother Trying to List Today

  1. eBay is having one glitch after the other today. I was able to get up 3 listings this AM but it seems to be very glitchy.

    You can read the issues on the eBay Technical Board or Seller Central.
  2. Thanks for saving me some real frustration. I'm off to the eBay boards to keep track of when it get resolved.
  3. The System Announcement says it is resolved but I am not listing (working) so I can't tell you if it actually is working.
  4. I don't think it's fixed yet, I'm still having the same problems I did with my listings last night... the best was I got to wait 30 min for live help- just to tell me they were having tech probs...grrr
  5. They did a java upgrade yesterday & EBay is still very glitchy. They don't have it listed as a system announcement though. You can read the ebay tech board for more problems.