Don't Blow! My growing collection...

  1. My bag collection is still growing, hope to add one more LV in there soon, after i leave college (another couple years) and get a real job is when this collection is gonna REALLY start! Here's what I have so far though:

    Left to right, top to bottom:
    Louis Vuitton Navigilo
    Balenciaga Ink Messenger
    Balenciaga Avio Blue Messenger
    Puma Black Shoudler Bag
    Jack Spade Khai Green Veritcal Horizontal Messenger
    Coach Navy Messenger
    Prada Black Nylon Messenger

    bag collection 004.jpg

    And here's a close up of my favorite balenciaga sisters:

    bag collection 001.jpg

  2. The b-bags are to die for, lovely collection ! :yes:
  3. love the bags!
  4. Your B-Bags are TDF.. ! Nice collection.. very practical bags for a student.. ;)
  5. love your bbags especially the purple one! I know what you mean about graduating and getting a real job and really STARTING! lol.
  6. yum
  7. fabulous collection =)
  8. great collection , love the colours of your bbags
  9. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  10. wow.. cool collection.. love the b-bags...
  11. Very nice collection.. love the Balenciaga..thanks for sharing
  12. very ni=ce!
  13. Nice collection.
  14. Great collection! Love the Ink b-bag.
  15. :heart: it.