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  1. Quoting myself (and resurrecting this thread in the process!), I sent my brother the deluxe chocolate tower for Christmas this year.

    His wife said he was all set with barware (my original idea) but he loves chocolate. I told her the story about his reaction to the gift from the law firm, forgetting she went to the same law school and she told me she enjoyed getting hers before exams, too.
  2. This falls into the "Make sure the person isn't allergic to anything first" category but an Edible Arrangement. My aunt had surgery and a friend sent her one. She served it for dessert when she had my parents and me over for dinner.

    Cut to two years ago and I slipped and broke my wrist. The bone didn't set correctly so I needed a steel plate to hold the bone in place. My dad wanted to offer me money to get food from a restaurant since I was unable to cook while being bandaged up. I asked for a fruit arrangement instead.

    I loved it (and the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious).

    For the most part, I think people can buy their own fruit, but the Fruit of the Month Club or Edible Arrangements are great for people in a situation where they can't just go out and get it (like surgery, or just having had a baby).
  3. LOL I got one of these for Christmas last year and love it (it's my 2nd one!)
  4. Resurrecting because the holidays!
  5. I always get my mother something for the bath for birthdays/Christmas. But one thing I learned recently is my mother does not like rose scented bath stuff (which is odd, because her favorite perfume is Jo Malone Red Rose).

    When I bought them, if I like the scent, I thought she would, too. I'm right with scents like lilac, lavender, lily of the valley and jasmine. Just not rose.

    I don't have kids, but when I do, I swear my house will be an Elf on the Shelf free house. (While I'm not knocking people who do that during the holidays, I don't want it in mine. To have that thing staring at me constantly I would imagine would be disconcerting.)
  6. High-end skincare for someone who practices a simple routine. I think giving fragrance/lotions should be avoided unless you know the recipient likes a certain scent. I hate getting gifts with no thought behind them.

    Generally, money is something I like getting as I can either spend or save it.
  7. I really wish Nordic print sweaters weren't lumped in with Ugly Christmas sweaters.

    And I'm not knocking Ugly Christmas sweaters. But Nordic print sweaters aren't ugly. They're beautiful and classic.

    When my dad was a student, he always wanted one, but could never afford it. His (then) wife's parents got him one as a gift and he realized it was too small. Rather than telling his in-laws that, he wrote to the company and sent the sweater back and they sent him one in the correct size.

    He still has the sweater. It's old and has holes in it now, but he can't bear to part with it.
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  8. From someone picky about candle scents and virtually does not use any sorts of lotions or body sprays (Ralph Lauren Romance perfume FTW), pretty much anything from bath and body works or bath and body related stuff from target/walmart/walgreens etc. It just seems like a shot in the dark. Unless you see that I have a specific scent in my bathroom and it's very low so I need more... Plus it takes me forever to finish products, so to use a scent I don't care for, it would take me like 2 years to go through the bottle.
  9. Bad gifts for me is anything clothes, makeup stuff since I never get what I want or even in colors I like. Also any household stuff.
    Good gifts are anything nice handmade, cash, vacations, gift cards. And yes electronics.
  10. hand cream. i never use that stuff.
    and i hate giving it as a gift as well, absolutely no thought into it
  11. Resurrecting since Tuesday was Valentine's Day to add:

    Chocolate. Depending on the kind you get it could be a very thoughtful gift. I'm not knocking the heart shaped box of Russell Stover's (if you know that's what they like) but if the person prefers cherry cordials, it would be more thoughtful to get them a box of those instead.

    And if they don't like chocolate, it'd be thoughtful to give them something you know they do like. (Maybe put it in a heart shaped box!)