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  1. I see a lot of Snuggies around.

    When I first heard about them, I thought the idea was ridiculous. If you wanted to be covered up, but you wanted your arms free you could just wear a bathrobe backwards.

    But the more I thought about it, the more awesome I thought they were and the more I wanted one.

    So when I was home for Thanksgiving, I got one. It's pink, and proceeds from the sales of that particular color went to breast cancer research.
  2. A little birdie delivered a kick ass Xmas ornament yesterday.. :smile:
  3. ^^ You're welcome!
  4. My idea of a bad gift is a spa gift certificate. I got one for $300 from a BF (ex now) and instantly felt insulted. I don't go to the spa and felt like "Wow, do I really need a $300 overhaul??"

    My friends were all equally appalled and we've never forgotten it even though it happened 9 years ago, lol. In fact my BFF told my BF a couple of weeks ago "Just don't get her a spa gift certificate. It just shows you put zero though into it. And really, why would she want to go alone to the spa anyway? Oh yeah, cuz that's just sooo fun."

    Lol, my poor BF and our guy friend who was with us were both like ".....We thought that would be a good gift." No, boys. A bunch of money stuck on a spa GC and that's the only gift? I'd rather have that money for something I can use for a long time, like a nice purse;)
  5. ^^ I think the spa certificate would only be a good thing if you mentioned a specific treatment first. Like, "Gee, I'd love to try getting a hot stone massage."
  6. ^ Yeah that would be totally different, and in that case it would be nice. But otherwise I just found it offensive and seemed like there was no genuine thought put into it.
  7. #67 Dec 11, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2009
    wow a lot of people have said this already but, GIFT CARDS!

    i personally love them and always encourage people to get my gift cards.
    i honestly do think thought goes into them because they have to choose what store i would like! if it's a Visa gift card, boy oh boy, do they know me or what?! those are my fav~ hahaha ;)

    edit: hm...reading *Michi*'s post made me think...i wouldn't want a gift card from a BF...that's just...a big NO!
    friends&family: gift cards okay!
    bf/husband: gift cards no way!
  8. yea i'm totally okay with giftcards from family/friends. and it's not that hard either. i love books so anything from a bookstore would be great.

    but from a bf/hubby/SO, gift cards are a no-no.
  9. ^ this soooooooooooooooo made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
  10. Gift certificates. You don't get that warm fuzzy feeling of physically getting a present but we should learn to wait to get what we really want.
  11. Resurrecting (again, as this past Sunday was Father's Day):

    Proactiv, if you're not careful, could potentially be another one of those "what are you trying to say?" type gifts.

    I know it does great things to clear up problem skin, but if they don't ask for it, assume they're going to buy it for themselves.

    I remember walking in a mall around Christmas one year and I passed a Proactiv kiosk. I swear it had one of those "Makes a great gift!" signs.
  12. Someone sent me one of those pink ones last Xmas.
  13. (Resurrecting, since today is Christmas!)

    Unless they ask for the vacuum.

    Not Christmas, but I got a robo vacuum for my last birthday because I asked for one. (I hate vacuuming, and wouldn't do it otherwise).
  14. Ornaments can be good or bad gifts, depending on the person.

    My brother got married in August, and his wife is into Christmas (like matching pajamas with her sisters-in-law into Christmas).

    I've gotten them ornaments before, so this year I got them Lenox champagne flutes, to commemorate their first Christmas as marrieds. (As much as I love the wedding cake ornaments, I figure if someone had the same idea as I did, they could get them either one of the cakes, and my flutes would be unique).

    They recently got a Boston Terrier puppy, so part of my present to them is a Boston Terrier ornament.

    It depends on the person, though.

    And if you do get an ornament and are not pleased about it, this goes without saying, but please don't go on Facebook and complain about it! Because nine times out of ten, the person who gave you set ornament is on Facebook, too.
  15. Bad gifts (all from exhusband )

    - pharmacy toothbrush (not sure if this was a hint)
    - chocolate covered pretzels (no we're not poor and yes this was all I got)
    - $200 gift card to an obscenely priced lingerie store. That barely covered half a thong. So yours truly had to fork over almost $800 to buy the dmn set