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  1. Stereotypically bad gifts that I love to get:
    -bath products, esp. from major stores in case a scent exchange is in order
    -CASH (the gift that keeps on giving!)

    Stereotypically good gifts that I hate to get:
    -Any tech gift (I don't care how cool or fast or new or expensive it is, I don't want it)
    -Any holiday themed gift (b/c the holiday is basically over when it is received)
    -Decorative items (I like gifts I can use up, spend, wear out, etc. I'm a nut about clutter, I just can't deal with something that will simply sit on a table or dresser, etc)

    I always tell my loved ones that all of my gifting needs can be satisfied at about 4 stores: Coach, Tiffanys, Bath and Body Works, Banana Republic. But most all of my gifts end up coming from Best Buy (my siblings all love Best Buy, so I get gifts from there by default)! Lol, I have a very happy boyfriend anyway, he gets passed all my tech gifts.
  2. Bad gift: the passive-agressive, you-know-it's-not-appropriate-for-the-receiver gift. I have a SIL who consistently buys books and games that are at the incorrect reading/age level for my kids. Remember in "Christmas Story" the aunt who thinks Ralphie is perpetually 4 years old? That's her. Only she does it on purpose.
  3. Pretty much anything that a department store has under the "gifts" heading online always seems like a terrible gift idea to me!
  4. stereotypical bad gifts for me:

    - Christmas ornaments! like ceramic snowmans from the Avon catalog or a fancy tree ornament that sits in a box 11 months out of the year! gee thanks!!

    i love getting household stuff!
  5. Ugh, I had an aunt like that when I was little... One year she gave all the other girls in the family (younger, older, and my same age) my little ponies, Barbies and play makeup sets. She gave me a math workbook. I was only 5 or 6, so I just burst into tears when I opened it. It wasn't a bratty temper tantrum, my feelings were just really hurt. Then she sternly lectured me about the true meaning of Christmas :s

    Some stereotypically "good" gifts I don't like receiving are homemade food and ornaments. I'm also not a fan of the Warm Fuzzies that Shimma mentioned, or scented bath products. People always buy me chenille crap and cheap bubble bath :confused1:...
  6. I am reading this whole thread I am thinking how subjective it is, and how gifts can be many things listed on people's worst I love and things on the best, I don't care for.

    I was already formulating my reply, when the last post sums it up perfectly for me...

    Everything here is my absolute favorites. I love homemade things, warm fuzzies and especially anything chenille, I love and wear them and use them so much, I look forward to fresh new ones each Christmas. I take baths almost everyday and love lots of bubbles that don't smell too strong...ironically, I think those big huge jugs from the grocery stores, that are like 1.49 foam up the best.
  7. Bad gifts = novelty and seasonal items of clothing (Santa ties, reindeer socks etc.), autobiographies of minor celebrities, 'humourous' books, novelty eggcups and so on.

    Good gifts = anything else that shows that someone has actually picked up on your tastes and preferences and put some thought, no matter how small, into picking you something that you might like.

    Failing that, cash or gift cards!
  8. LOL, sorry Tink! :P

    It's just that I have enough chenille throws and dollar store bubble bath to last me a lifetime.. I should send some of it your way! :lol:

    I've mentioned this before, but I don't like homemade treats, because I'm paranoid about germs and food-safety. It's one thing if I know the person and know their home is clean, but some people are just gross :shame:
  9. I think it depends on the person. I personally have relatives that won't stop adult gifting and that I see maybe every 4-5 years. I'm always at Home Depot or Lowe's buying plants, yard stuff, and odds and ends. I actually asked for a gift card to Lowe's or Home Depot this year instead of them buying me costume jewelry from JcPenney. :shrugs:
  10. STEREOTYPICALLY BAD - Gift cards. I know a few people who think gift cards are bad gifts because there is "no thought" behind them. I think gift cards are great! Of course there's thought behind them because you're going think about where to buy them a gift card they would actually use! I get gift cards every Christmas and I LOVE THEM!!

    STEREOTYPICALLY GOOD - Bath sets and lotion sets, especially the cheap ones! Okay if you're a bath and lotion kind of gal this may not apply to you. For some reason I get these sets sometimes and I HATE them. I guess a lot of people figure that all women like lotion. I do like lotion but seriously I don't like just ANY lotion. If you're going to get someone a set like this do some research and get them their favorite one.
  11. I saw this today and had to bump this thread to say something about it:

    Unless someone says, "Gee, I'd really like to whiten my teeth this Christmas" giving them a Crest Whitening gift set for Christmas would only earn the reaction: "What are you trying to say?"
  12. The other candle.

    Actually, worse than a candle, because at least the candle is not intended to be applied to the skin.

    The badness of the bath and lotion set, however, is on a sliding scale. It is somewhat forgiveable if the giver is someone who uses stuff like that themselves, or if it is some brand that they just love and thus believe that they are giving you a wonderful thing.

    If, however, it is given by someone that you know damn well has their own very definite signature fragrance, or is very particular about bath products, and with whom you have discussed the subject of fragrances and bath products, and they give you one that you know they would never use, and in a fragrance that you have never worn, or mentioned wanting, then it becomes the gift that says "I felt compelled or obligated to get you something, but I either had no idea and/or no interest in who you are and what you like and are interested in, so here."
  13. Resurrecting this, as Mother's Day is coming up.
  14. Resurrecting this, since Christmas is coming up.