Don't beat your kids!

  1. There this little 5 yr old girl that comes to my moms shop EVERY single Sunday around 4 oclock with her mom, so that my mom can braid her hair so she can look pretty for church...

    She's really cute I must say..!

    Her mom today was telling us that the other day her daughter spilled a cup of water on the floor, and she made her daughter LICK the water off the f****** floor.

    WTF? The mom even proudly told us that she beats her kid all the time so that her daughter will "know better.."

    I looked at her like...:wtf:

    That is NO WAY to teach your children...especially when they're that young and don't know did I mention the little girl is DEAF?

    :yucky: :crybaby:
  2. :cursing: :rant: That is TERRIBLE!! How can someone be so mean like that???!!!! No one should be treated like that, and the poor little girl is deaf!!!!!:crybaby:
  3. I don't know what the law says where you're from, but if that was in my home town in Ireland, we would report that behaviour to the police. And I guarantee she would be charged with abuse.
  4. That mother should rot in hell.:cursing:
  5. You and your mother should report this woman to Child Protective Services! What you witnessed is child abuse! That woman should be stopped!
  6. ITA! That is just sick!
  7. Definalty Report Her! Wth
  8. Ditto what Pippi said!

    I can understand spanking in the bu*t every once in a while, but beating and making a child lick water on the floor???!?! That's just plain scary..

    I once read in a local magazine, a woman was leaving her 5 yr old girl to this couple. She promised to pay the couple $60/month (which in my country can be considered a lot of money to some) to pay for the child's needs. She didnt keep her promise and the couple were pissed and blaming it all on the child. Once, the child sh*t on the bed and the couple made the lil girl ate her own sh*t! She was also beaten repeatedly whenever she makes mistakes. The girl was finally rescued and the couple put to jail, but the poor girl was still traumatized and was scared to death everytime someone try to give her soft foods like rice/porridge/bread. She thought of them as her own sh*t and was afraid to eat them.
  9. This person needs to be reported right now before she causes damage to her child that cannot be undone.
  10. omg, i cant tell you how many times i see abuse happen, in public.....! its sad and i feel very sorry, mothers like this are out of control
  11. omg sarah, i just read your post, i cannot imagine, omg, i am at a loss of words...
  12. I agree. The longer this goes unreported, the worse things are probably going to get for that poor little girl.
  13. I agree with Pippi. And when you call Child Protection Services, you can request to remain anonymous.

    And as Cristina said, if nothing is done, the worse things may get for the poor little girl. :sad:
  14. This has to be reported!! A lot of people are somehow afraid to call the services often, but there is an option of staying anonymous. All you have to do is call and tell them what you heard, you do not have to say that its abuse, although it clearly is, just tell them what you know and you dont even have to say your name. Unfortunately its those chidren with special needs who suffer most from their parents and you will do this child a HUGE favour by helping her! This is just horrible, if you can tell me what city you in i can try finding some phone numbers for you!
  15. Please report her. The mom's behavior is unacceptable.