~*~ Don't Be Tardy ~*~

  1. Anyone going to watch this tonight?
    Apparently Kim will be taking off her wig in one of these episodes...
  2. i'd rather gauge out my eyeballs with hot pokers......
  3. I'm watching...I want to see Kim's real hair!
  4. I'll google her real hair whenever I can remember. I'm not interested in watching Kim or any Kim on TV
  5. cosign. 'm sure pics will end up one one of the gossip sites i visit.
  6. I'll watch if I can remember.
  7. i'll wait for her hair pics to be posted here... a whole hour of kim? no thanks.
  8. I will TIVO it and watch on a slow tv night so I can fast forward if I want, there are too many commercials on Bravo....
  9. Agreed!!!
  10. I don't want to watch Kim's sh*tshow but I may be masochistically drawn to it if nothing else is on.

    The Bravo promos say Kim has a fit when she finds out her dress is used. B*tch, please! You got it on eBay!
  11. Tuned in for 5 minutes, then tuned out :sleepy:
  12. KJ is a doll!
  13. I tried to watch this show, but Kim is just way too vulgar and crass for me.
  14. I'm embarrassed to admit I watched it!!!

    ARGH was so PO'd as I watched just to see her real hair, didn't realize it was a mini series and there are a couple more shows.

    Did anyone else watch? She bought 3 dresses, plans to make 3 dress changes on her WD.

    The best line of the night was when Kroy said his sister's total budget for her wedding in MT was 7,000 and Kim's budget is 500,000. Poor Kroy, I see bankruptcy in their future.
  15. I think I am the only person in the world who likes Kim. LOL

    I didn't plan on going out of my way to watch but it was on after WWHL so I just left it on here. I will say I don't understand how on earth she can afford this kind of lifestyle. Do they really make that much money between the two of them? Everything about her life just seems so over the top.