Don't Be Mad or Tired of Me? Vintage Claudia or Lucy...Which One?

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Vintage Kooba Preference (pick one!) Pleeze???

  1. Kooba Claudia

  2. Kooba Lucy

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  1. Don't be annoyed with me???? I've been debating for awhile about whether to rebuy my old vintage Kooba Claudia or Lucy (both in black) and didn't know what you guys thought....Any preference?
    I don't know about the Claudia - sometimes it seems rather large, but it's got a good slouch, and the Lucy sometimes seems like a black blob and it's a pain sometimes with two straps, but it holds sooo much as well and is so timeless. But is it too much like a black tote bag?
    Sorry guys - the newer Koobas aren't really moving me, and I miss some of my oldtimers....and knew I could come here for loving guidance....:yes:
  2. My vote went to Claudia. I'm just not a fan of Lucy, I like the hobo style of Claudia better. Just my opinion! If you're think Claudia is too big, how about Chiara?
  3. I seem to love the older bags as wee. Do you have a pic of them? Would love to see...:smile:

  4. I actually had all the Chiaras (yikes) IS my middle name! :yahoo: and between my makeup bag, wallet, keys, and whatever else, I was always struggling to zip it all closed. I LOVE the Chiara - in fact, my friend has a bronze Chiara I was thinking of buying from her, but I felt stupid since I just re-purchased my Champagne Marcelle..but I digress.....
  5. I really like both--but as you know, my heart belongs to Lucy. I felt as if I gave birth to it from all of the agonizing over the authenticity!!!
  6. For the life of me, I can't find an old Lucy pic - I googled it for like half an hour....but I found a picture of Lucy in Bronze and Cognac....and the Claudia in black....
    BGV7201_an.jpg images.jpg ko00004-1.jpg
  7. What are you going to use the bag for? It seems like the Claudia is a bit slouchier, more hobo style, and would be a more casual bag than the Lucy.
  8. Sigh...not for a whole heck of a hooee. I don't need a "diaper bag" any more, and it's just to tote around my wallet and makeup and keys essentially. Did I mention that bags rarely leave the car since I'm driving to and from picking up the kids most of the time anyway? :p No seriously, it's not for much. No special reason...I certainly don't walk around with a laptop. That would be silly for me! I could check TPF while I was shopping at Trader Joe's! :yes:
  9. LOL jchiara. Your life sounds like mine! I spent almost the entire day in my car, taking my kids here and there and everywhere in between.

    You sound like you carry what I carry. I do usually tuck in a magazine or catalog or book ('cause I have to do something while I'm waiting for said children in the parking lot of wherever we are.) I think I vote for the Lucy.
  10. My vote goes to Lucy. I owned an ivory one for a short period of time and I LOVED how comfortable it was. I am usually annoyed by bags with 2 straps (or my round slippery shoulders are, I should say...) but I didn't have any problems at all with the Lucy. Out of all the bags I've owned in the last year, that's the one I miss the most. I'd need to get it in black though to be completely happy. Someday...
  11. Claudia has my vote. I am not a fan of shorter straps, let alone two!

    Good luck!!!
  12. I vote for the Lucy although you should consider whether a shoulder bag or tote works better for you. I guess if it's mainly for in the car then it doesn't matter so much.

    So you bought back your champagne Marcelle? Good for you! The older bags are so much nicer than the new Fall bags. I'm still trying to like the new offerings, maybe they'll grow on me when I see them IRL.
  13. Lucy for sure. Those Hobos annoy me sometimes. Things get tossed around in there and I hate how the sides come up into the handle. Lucy is more classic looking and can be casual or dress while I see any Hobo as a casual bag only.
  14. Ohhhhh.....that's an interesting point......:s
  15. I have both, but have to go with the Lucy.