Don't ask me how or why.....

  1. But i'm in NYC right now for only two days (nobody except my SO and my mom know- had to drop in to say hi to her again since i'm here)

    and of course i went to Hermes to visit Claude to ask him ONCE AND FOR ALL---IS MY BAG REAL LIKE I BELIEVE IT IS??

    i was so anxious to get it over with that i can't recall the conversation word for word, but basically i just went ahead and dared ask the most taboo of Hermes questions to a master craftsman. I started off with a long introduction...he was smart and interuppted with a smile and said, 'you want to know if it's real?" and i said "OH GOD YES" and he touched it and looked at it for maybe three seconds and, still smiling, said, "YES, IT'S REAL":yahoo::yahoo:
    i said, "really, are you sure!? open it up, take everything out- do whatever you want! go ahead- inspect, inspect" he shook his head saying he only needs a moment to tell and dismissed the idea of it being anything other than authentic. he then went on to tell me, "enjoy it!", to which i smiled in glee and hugged my bag in Hermes and thanked him profusely and went on my merry way. we chatted a bit more but that's the jist. i didn't even bother looking around in the store because i was so happy to finally get a straight answer from Claude.

    then i went and bought a pair of Marc Jacobs boots but that's for another thread. :graucho:

    Jamie, you should put me on payroll for my tried and true testing of your H bags. :P

    Short of suddenly having tarnishing hardware or cardboard suddenly coming out of the bag when the leather starts to wear, i think im finally at peace. :flowers:
  2. but croissant, how?

    and why?

  3. ya but you exhaust me, girl!

    .....hey, what boots did you get???? Where's the pics, baby.....
  4. Oh thanks goodness!!! LOLOL!!

    and the boots...yum.....
  5. Congrats!
  6. I'm glad you finally confirm its autheticity ! but we always knew it's a real deal ;) !! CONGRATS !!!:flowers::flowers:
  7. Croissant I really hope that Claude's judgement puts your mind at ease now once and for all.
  8. Whew! Now you may rest and enjoy...finally...we hope... : )

    I like the way you went straight and directly to the source!

  9. :graucho: curiousity killed the cat!
  10. imagine what its like to actually BE me, shopmom :sweatdrop:

    i'll show you the boots soon! gotta take pics!!
  11. Girl..I am going to die! LOL
    Glad you are finally in peace!
  12. I'm so glad you received great news in your talk with Mr Claude!
  13. But Croissant, all of us here already knew!:supacool:

    The craftsmen are not allowed to authenticate any H bags, and yet you persuasive little kitty got him to do the impossible. That's some feat you did. Glad that you are finally at peace.
  14. thanks everybody!!

    he told me he gets asked that question mannnnyyy times. as far as how many times and how often he humours people, i don't know. :shrugs:
    what i do know is he humoured me! :wlae:
    maybe he humours people with real bags? i cant imagine its fun to tell people bad news 100 times a day. he'd never hear the end of it!
  15. I am so glad that you have finally got some peace of mind reg this.