Don't anyone dare to bid on this!

  1. Yikes! :sick:
  2. NOOO!! Get your paws off it Sarah! IT'S MINE!!!
    The pretty pink Bicolor Birkin!

    Ok.. I'm a total e-bay novice. You can call me whatever you want but I wouldn't buy my $6000 Hermes bag on e-bay....

    But if I were to, I wouldn't think anything's wrong with this bag and looking at the seller who has a 100% positive feedbag, I would rather think it authentic!! How scary is that!!
  3. Not very pretty IMO!
  4. We should call it bubblegum pink with pepto color lining
  5. Too funny you all ^

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I bought a birkin one eBay once, the thalassa blue one. Well, the seller ended the auction early to sell it privately to me. The birkin is authentic. Just to show you that sometimes there is a success buying a birkin on eBay :flowers:
  7. Sure you can find authentic bags on ebay, but THAT is not one of them!! LOL
  8. Thanks Sarah for giving us the head ups on that Birkin.
  9. lol, I'd buy this if it were real!
  10. It WOULD be a hot bag though.

    So forgive me for being somewhat of a novice, but what is it that gives this bag away as being fake?
  11. Everything!!! My Fav is the inside pocket zipper!
  12. OMG, she /he got the nerve !!! yikes!
  13. oh my...I can't imagine someone buying this, I bet this bag cost less then $30 to make