Donor infects four U.S. transplant patients with HIV


    oh crazy is that
  2. OMG That is scary!! they are going to compensate these people I hope...
  3. That's horrible!
  4. I think it might be hard for these people to prove damages, considering they were on the organ donor list (and presumably needed a transplant to save their lives) and HIV is not an immediate death sentence. These people may live longer with the donated but infected organs than they would have without a transplant. Also, the hospital did the proper tests on the organs, which came back negative, so it's hard to say they were negligent.
  5. WOW...that is awful....but honestly, the hospital did everything they needed to do to ensure safe organs.
    Although, it makes you wonder if a simple test is enough? Patient history possibly? Would there be something that would maybe show a high-risk lifestyle?
    It's such a tough call....organs need to be harvested/transplanted as soon as humanly possible! Yikes...what a dilemma!
  6. How scary is that? My Dad had a kidney transplant about 8 months ago, fortunately everything is OK with him. How unfortunate for these persons and their families.
  7. It's pathetic that that had to happen. It really makes one want to look into harvesting your OWN blood for times of crisis.
  8. This was from an organ donation, not blood donation.
  9. wow! so sad! I can't imagine!
  10. those patients got one hell of a case
  11. I agree. This is a tragic case, but given the nature of organ transplantation and the nature of some diseases, there is not currently the technology to make the system 100% safe. Organs must be transplanted almost immediately, but some diseases do not show up in tests until months later. The hospital did all it could to be as safe as it could. Cases like this are rare, thankfully, but we will likely continue to see them periodically until we have the technology to test for disease immediately after infection. I don't think the hospital or the dr.s should be held liable for anything; they are in the business of saving lives, not unnecessarily risking them.
  12. The transplant will not last long enough for the Aids to kill them unfortunatly. Transplants do not last very long.
  13. I'm surprised that given the number of months before HIV and hepatitis C can be detected (3 and 8 months) that this hasn't happened sooner. Lets be thankful that this hasn't happened before and has very little chance of happening again.

    I feel so bad for the 4 patients. It's sad that our medical testing isn't fast enough to detect early HIV/Hepatits before the organ deteriorates.
  14. :yes: I agree. Well said.