Donongton Kaye in Kaleidoscope

  1. I have always loved this bag. I think you should definitely get one. It is an attention getter for sure!
  2. I love you for enabling me!
  3. It's even hotter in person. At first I didn't care too much for that print but I saw a wallet at Nordstrom once and I was like OMG this is so cute.
  4. The Seller is great too!! Same as the Shop Adorn store.
  5. I know it's not for everyone. But, it kind of embodies everything I first liked about LAMB. Funky!:yes:

    I found Kaleidoscope wallet up for sale on LJ. I have never used that site before. Can anyone tell me how it works?
  6. usually a paypal transaction - just be sure the person you're buying from in an established member in the forum. Same as anywhere else - you can ask if they have eBay feedback to check.
  7. Lucky you! I will never get the chance to see it in person unless I buy the sucker.

    I never disliked it per se, but strangely, it wasn't catching my eye before! I am sure it's the weather. :p My Lancy hasn't hasn't even arrived yet and I am plotting my next purchase. I need help!

    PS- Drama on the Lucerne wallet. Stand by for details...

    PSS- I misspelled Donington in the header. How do I correct it?
  8. I had a kaleidoscope Reid and cosmetic pouch, but I never used it except for once so I just recently sold them to a lambie that's giving them a good home. It was hard to say bye to them, but the bag was so bright it just didn't suit my personality. Kaleidoscope is nice to look at, it's so much cooler looking in person with all the details, but I just felt like I was carrying a beach bag!! :smile:
  9. Love that bag! You should definitely get it it
  10. Darn! Wish I had known you were getting rid of it. Oh well. :p

    My husband just got orders to Florida, so I think a beach bag would be perfectly appropriate Ginger! :winkiss:
  11. If you love it, get it!!!!
  12. Oh no VL - what happened with the wallet??
  13. I LOVE this bag! Definitely get it! Once you start getting a bazillion compliments because it's so bright and unique it will confirm your purchase :smile: Plus Gwen carried one for a while (the bigger style) and she looked great carrying it!