Donny Deutch: The Big Idea --Have YOU found your Big Idea?

  1. I absolutely love watching this show...about chasing your dream and finding the need that can potentially make you a millionaire.

    Do we have any TPF'er out there who found that BIG idea, or chased their BIG idea and made a success out of it?

    Is there anyone here who is on the verge of chucking the mundane day to day to chase after their idea?

    I'll be the first to admit, I would love to chuck it, but of course it's so easy stay with what makes you secure.:confused1: I day though, once I get enough courage to chase after it....
  2. I've never watched his show, but I think I should. I always see advertisements for it on CNBC. I need some inspiration like this to pursue my big idea right now, which is a career change. I wonder if his show is on right now :graucho:
  3. I like this show too. I've got a "Big Idea" and hope to make it happen some day. It's great to see people make their ideas into reality.
  4. I love this show and watch all of the time. sometimes I think of an idea, then I google it and it's been done! Luckily the way my brain works I have ideas weekly! Someday....
  5. I've had several BIG IDEAS in the past, done little or nothing, and watched somebody else develop them into successful things like (I wrote a business plan for nearly exactly the same thing in 1994.) I also developed a system to create hyperlinks in third party documents in 1997 (everyone started doing this around 2000) and in 1998, I demonstrated how closed captioned text could be indexed and searched upon to deliver web browsers to within 15 seconds of the text being spoken in a TV show. Google released something similar seven years later in February, 2005.

    I currently have a BIG IDEA, a really billion dollar idea, that's simple to understand but complex to implement. I'm trying to find motivation, focus and commitment to pursue it. To me, that's the hardest part. I'd welcome suggestions on how to find that. Ideas are a dime a dozen.
  6. He actually lives in my cousin's building. She's always getting his dry cleaning. LOL

    The first thing anyone should do if they have an idea is get it patented. It's not expensive. Then just do your research about similar ideas.

    The most simple ideas are often the ones that will be great ideas. You have to look for something that everyone needs/wants. If you watch Donny's show, most started off with filling a void of something that was needed by the public.

    A good example is the women that created Spanx. Who would of thought if cutting off the ends of pantyhose would be a winning idea.
  7. Go to his website BIG IDEA on CNBC. He had a lady on there last night named Dani Johnson who was homeless at 21 and a millionaire by 23. He has a book, and she mentioned some tips last night about getting your idea out there and how to make it big. The tips are supposed to be on the website.

    Yep, this is EXACTLY what he says all the time, look for the void and fill it.
  8. I watch it every now and then. Am I the only one who thinks he's wearing make-up?

    I told my husband about an idea for colored band-aids about 10 years ago. By colored, I mean different shades of brown for people with darker skin. The traditional band-aids are peachy colored for caucasians (like me)- it's like panty-hose. Why assume that that peachy color matches all skin? He told me it was a really dumb idea. A couple of years ago I saw in "Oprah" magazine these band-aids under her "things I think are just great" list.

    Stupid husband.
  9. All TV crew people wear makeup. Men and women.