Donnie Simpson is leaving..

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  1. I know he's not MAJOR like Kim Kardashian or any of the others in this forum but he's HUGE in DC...

    He's leaving 95.5 after many many years... today is his last show and alot of celebrities are calling in to wish him's actually pretty touching...
  2. Wow! I always wondered what happened to Donnie Simpson after he left BET (I live in NC). It would be something if he went back to BET but judging from what I see on BET these days, he wouldn't fit in with their desired demographic.
  3. I have a feeling he's going to another local station here (93.9). His show is pretty emotional this morning...
  4. wow really I don't listen to that station much but I know who he is
  5. He use to host Video Soul right?
    the green eyed man. LOL
  6. Yeap... he's on 95 in the mornings Jahpson.
  7. I watch old skool video soul sometimes. I haven't heard about him since I was a kid. Good to know he is sitill respected.
  8. He is majorly respected... He's had Stevie Wonder (stevie said "I texted you this morning Donnie did you get it!"), Blair Underwood, Smokey Robinson, John Legend, Chuck Brown, DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, Frankie Beverly, Steve Harvey, Russ Parr, Yolanda Adams...etc... call or visit on the show.
  9. OMG I had the most major crush on Donnie Simpson growing up. I never missed Video Soul just to see him. lol
  10. The green-eye bandit is about to sign-off :crybaby: I will certainly miss him.
  11. Oh so that's what he's been doing! Well good luck to him in his future endeavors. :smile:
  12. That is great. I know Donnie gave alot of artists their early exposure who went on to
    become major stars. Whitney, Brandy, etc.

    I wish Video Soul came out as a boxset dvd. I would buy it in a second.
  13. Wow. So, I guess this is pretty sudden.
  14. I always wondered where he was. Video Soul was a staple growing up in Detroit. I live in NYC now so he's off the radar. I've expected to see him on some new nationwide music endeavor. I wish him well.
  15. So sad... I saw his interview about leaving his show, and I was thinking " damm he is still looking good with his green eyes!!! "