Donnie Darko

  1. Has anyone seen this movie? If so, what are your thoughts? Please tell me I'm not the only person who enjoys weird and dark movies.
  2. I liked it very much. The truth is, I have a very bad memory, so I only remember parts of it. But yes very weird with the bunny suit thing and all that. Anything that is dark, but isn't horror I love.
  3. Oh! Its a great GREAT movie!
  4. one of my fav movies...just kind of makes you actually think about a movie and review it in your mind after it ends
  5. I loved this movie SOOOO much. Donnie Darko is the movie that made me totally love Jake...he is an amazing actor and the way he protrays Donnie just works so well.

    As far as the theme goes...well it makes me think twice about my life and what I do. See, all the days that are filled with pain and sorrow can truly be beautiful, they can be filled with memories that teach us something. Dreams may be the only times in which we are happy but that happiness in the form of fantasy can be played out in reality. To me Donnie Darko was the BEST movie ever. I can talk about the symbolism for ever...
  6. I really didn't like it. A lot of people loved it, but I did not see the appeal. Also, I am forever scarred from the whole bunny suit thing. Everytime I see someone in a bunny suit, I think of the weird bunny in that movie and I get scared. hahahaha.
  7. I liked it. It felt not right to have Drew Barrymore as an English teacher, but otherwise, the casting was superb and the soundtrack was excellent, too. I like the director's cut better. I think it makes things clearer than the original version.
  8. I think Donnie Darko is probably one of my favorite movies if not the utmost favorite ... I love the fact that the movie is complex yet makes sense at the time. I saw both the original and the director's cut and the director's cut definitely answers some questions. However, it still leaves enough questions for us to figure out. I hadn't had time to check out the website yet but apparently if you go through the entire website, you will be able to find the clues and hints to answer all the lingering questions. The movie itself is quite complicated and I do like the idea of time traveling, multiple universe, and space-time continuum. The movie does raise a good question: If you can go back, will you do it all over again?

    The bunny IS freaky, I found it pretty disturbing myself.
  9. i loooooooooove it, i could watch it over and over. the first time i saw it, i immediately restarted the dvd and watched it again. you pick something extra up every time!

    i love all the literary references - cellar door, deus ex machina - perfect!
  10. Ever Since ~ Someone Said This Was Their Fav. Movie (I'm Sorry I Can't Remember Who!).....I Keep Seeing It On Directv. I Do Want To See It. I Going To Look When It's On, In A Few Minutes.
  11. i looove this movie!!!!
  12. This movie is fab!! :smile:
  13. Love it! The movie is fab and so is the soundtrack. I like dark movies, and ones that make you go, "WTF?"
  14. Very interesting film. I find it slightly overrated, but overall an interesting film endeavor. I love the idea of Donnie as a superhero ( saves the world, alliteration in his name).

    Still, if I hear one more psuedo-emo kid going on and on about the glory of this film, I will punch them in the face and tell them to not be so scene.
  15. Most of my friends and family love this movie, but I'm not a fan. I just let them watch it and go play on the internet or something instead! That bunny just creeps me out.... :shocked: