Done with MZ Wallace

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  1. MZ Wallace is a smaller bag company but I've always liked their designs for casual bags, totes and gym bags. They're relatively inexpensive but well made....until now. I've been buying bags from them for over 12 years BTW and have had at least 9 bags. I bought what is arguably their most popular bag...The Metro Tote, which is that somewhat shiny, quilted material. As great as it is (looking)'s a mess. Slips off your shoulder immediately and every time. I basically can't wear it. I didn't even receive the bag until after their measly 21 day return window had closed but I assumed they'd give me store credit or do something regarding a $250 bag I can't use. The answer was unequivocally NO. After customer service told me that I should have read the reviews and would have known the bag is known to slip off the shoulder (wha????); they told me that's just the style of it and they don't consider it something 'wrong'. They won't let me return it because it has been worn (3x total and briefly). Now how would I know the bag falls right off if I hadn't worn it? Oh Well from them. Plus of course I asked for a manager who kept telling me the company is unable to accept a worn item back or unable to override the 21 days - that's absurd of course because I was talking to a supervisor. Anyway....I've recommended them for years and years to people and now I feel I need to somehow un-recommend them for abominable customer service. I would never have been buying bags all these years if I knew of their ridiculous return policy. Wanted to put it out there for anyone looking to buy a metro tote.
  2. I am a MZ owner...I know their customer service is crappy..I also think they lean now to the cheaper bags in their line... unfortunately, the burden is on the really have to research what you are buying and manufacturers’ policies. I will maybe still carefully buy from them..., but, will treasure the bags I have that were produced when I feel things were a little better... I am sorry you are so disappointed.., I hope you maybe have luck selling it on eBay or another venue...
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  3. I see you are very disappointed, but if you still want to keep the bag, a quite few people swear by something called purse gummies. I bought some on amazon. Good luck with what ever you choose to do.
  4. I’m so sorry you had this experience.