Done with Gucci on Ebay

  1. Ok, has anyone ever bought or authenticated a true Gucci on ebay? I have been watching and waiting for the right bag to be auctioned and they are ALWAYS fakes. Has anyone here had luck with ebay Guccis?
  2. I've had lots of luck with Gucci on just have to be careful! And you HAVE to rely on other PFers' expertise to help authenticate the bags. I've gotten my Gucci horsebit chain bag, Gucci large hobo, and Chanel cambon pouchette from eBay. Just be patient'll find what you're looking for eventually! I'm still checking religiously for a Gucci blondie!

    Good luck!!!
  3. Yes, I just bought my last blondie hobo form ebay and took it to Gucci! Real as can be. The SA said I was lucky to have found that bag because it's so rare.
  4. I feel your pain. I agree that it's so hard. I hate sometimes selling my Gucci's because I don't want it to get lost among the fakies..
  5. Tell me about.
  6. I lucked up and found an authentic large horsebit hobo. Hang in there. You'll find something.
  7. I'll keep trying - I actually think I won an authentic gucci wallet - it arrived today, and looks like the real deal - am taking it to my SA tomorrow to have her take a look - fingers crossed!
  8. There are so many fakes it is depressing..... However you can get some authentic items unfortunately its rare!:yes:
  9. NO!!!! i wasted alot of $$$ buying on ebay
  10. Oh, you're sooo lucky Lady1mport!!! I've been looking for one of those on ebay too! :girlsigh:
  11. Girls, there's lots of gems on ebay, you just have to be patient enough to wait for your gem to show up and get it authenticated by PFers!

  12. You are right. there are many gems out there you just have to know what to look for. It takes patients I am on ebay every hour of the day. My boyfriend even complains that i rather be on ebay instead of cuddling with him.:crybaby: