Done with Finals! Bring it on Summer!

  1. YAY!! :nuts: Just took my last Final this morning and feeling pretty confident about my scores, I'm going home to Florida in 2 days!! So happy :cry:

    For all my Ladies & Gents still going through the motions, good luck!!
  2. Congratulations !!! Have a great time.
  3. congrats abandoned!!! you're sososo lucky and i'm so jealous :Push:..........i still have another week of exams......i'm actually in the middle of a 24 hour take home right now which means back to work for me :shame:
  4. I'm soooooooooooooo jealous!!!

    I have a test tomorrow then tuesday! *sniff*
  5. Hope you did well...You should treat yourself to something after all the stress!
  6. Congrats! :nuts: Have fun here in Florida - hope you get to spend lots of time at the beach :nuts:
  7. Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful summer!
  8. Lucky! I am almost there...just two left on monday and tuesday
  9. Abandoned, here's hoping you did really well! Good luck!
  10. Lucky girl! My finals aren't over till wed of next week.

    Have a safe trip home!!
  11. Oooo...I wanna go to Florida too. :shame: Congrats and have lots of fun!!!
  12. Have a fantastic time -- I think you should really consider treating yourself!!
  13. yay congrats have a blast in Florida =D..get a new bag there =D
    I have SAT's on saterday I have exactly one month including weekends til my summer starts..
  14. Congrats abandoned!! FL for the summer... I'm so jealous!! I'm all done with finals, but unfortunately no celebrations for me. I'll be holed up studying for the LSAT instead :sad2:
  15. I just got done with my finals yesterday and it's a wonderful feeling to be done! Grats on finishing and have a wonderful trip :biggrin: