Done here gave it up for lent

  1. Goodbye everyone.
  2. sacrifice is good...wish you the best.
  3. oh noooooooo!
    You'll be back, yes?
  4. oooooh, she'll be back...I tried to leave too a few days ago, it lasted about 7 hours.
  5. Donna you can't leave... you are my Purse Forum mentor. :p
  6. I thought I was the only one thinking of giving up TPF for lent too!
  7. i tried this once, i was back within the hour...

    hope she has more will power than i do! :heart:

  8. Oh Gro - wish you all the best - are you coming back though?

    Will miss you on here!

    Good luck
  9. I tried it too - I think I made it 3 days... it was horrible.
  10. I'm giving it up too. I'm here too often. LOL
  11. I gave up cussing but I'm not doing too well, Damn It! hehe
  12. But aren't you supposed to give up things that are bad for you for Lent . . .? TPF is very good for me - now the wine . . .mmm, that's another sacrificial story! xx
  13. That is so funny! I was actually going to give up obsessing over buying, no looking etc.... I decided that it would never work, so as I see it, 3 days is pretty good!
  14. ccgoddess :

    It's Easter, we can come back now!
  15. Yay, gro! glad you're back.:woohoo: