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  1. Well girls, I've done it again :smile:
    Every year, around this time of year, I collect all the bags, shoes, clothes, toys, and appliances I have laying around the house and donate them to charity.
    Back home, usually I collect them from all my freinds, family, colleages, and neighbors, and take them to poor areas in the city we live in.
    Most of the time, if I get alot of stuff, my friends and I start a little project. We find unfortunate families (and I mean really poor families!! who are overjoyed for finding food enough to feed themselves for a few days!!! :sad: anyway ... we find these families, those of them who have engaged daughters about to get married, and we LEND them used wedding dresses, shoes, offer to do their makeup for free, offer to bring them a wedding cake, offer them some free clothes, appliances, or anything else they need as loaners or as freebies. Its quite fun actually :smile:
    What is different this year is that I am doing it alone :sad: I dont live in my home country currently and I wanted to do the same thing on a smaller scale. I collected the old shoes, bags, clothes, and toys that I had laying around the house and took them to different foundations for donations. I cant believe that I actually offloaded everything in one day! It never happened before :smile: You wont believe how that made a difference in my day :smile:
    this calls for a celebration ......... a new bag maybe??? maybe someone would GIVE me a new bag??? hahahahah
    why dont we start doing something like that in this forum?? :smile: anyone who has something to donate throws it in and we take it to someone who needs it :smile:
    just a thought........
  2. his_angel, what a thoughtful thing to do! Karma for you!!
  3. I live at the Salvation Army Store and last donated a Christmas Tree. I called Homes for Humanity and donated furniture....better someone can use it than throw it away. Things that are almost or brand new shouldn't be thrown away! We may spend alot for bags but we also know how to help others:love:
  4. Wow, you are indeed an angel to do that!

    In our family we made a decision last year that we will only buy gifts for the kids. For the adults, we each decide which charity we want to support and then we all make donations to each other's selected charities. I also usually make a few clothing donations each year to local charity thrift shops, and my closet is due for another purge.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, something we could all feel good about. A lot of organizations offer tax write offs as well right?
  6. Wow I am so glad many of you like my idea :biggrin:
    I love how so many of us have warm hearts :smile:
    ok we just need a way to organize it ....... :smile:
  7. I've been donating unused items to the Veterans - ususally 3 - 4 times a year. I come from a long line of pack rats and always seem to have tons of stuff.