Donating to the MS Society! Anyone else used Ebay giving Works?

  1. In my quest to fight Multiple Sclerosis.... since it personally affects me and also my mom, we both battle the disease, I decided to allow eBay to donate on my behalf at least 10% of my proceeds on my "buy it now" Coach Handbag listings.
    Has anyone had success in their listing by creating an eBay Giving Works account?
    How do you promote your listings to get attention to people who want to donate to the cause, or promote your listing so people can not only get a great item but give to a needed charity at the same time?
    I am interested in purchasing and learning from others on TPF which sell on eBay for a cause.
    Please share with me what cause you are battling for, and how are you sharing and helping your Ebay stand out so people will help your non-profit benefit.
  2. bump bump bump for this thread. I'd like to know too!
  3. i've donated to them before. my sister mas it but is doing well.
  4. Bump! I have MS and would like to know, thanks!
  5. On our expensive stuff we donate 10% to Best Friends, it's an animal rescue in Utah :biggrin: