Donating an Organ

  1. I was reading through the issue of Glamour that was delivered a few days ago, and I came across an article about an FBI agent who donated his kidney to a complete stranger. The recipient was a young woman who had been exhausted from her dialysis treatments and was finding it difficult to do her job as a domestic violence victim court advocate. I was struck by how incredibly selfless his action was, and how he shrugged off the label "hero" and maintained that it was a simple thing to do for another human being. He said, "I was able to free her without a lot of pain and sacrifice. For me, that is reward enough." There's a video on youtube about the two of them:

    So my question is this: have any of you ever donated an organ to a loved one or someone else in need? Have you ever considered doing something like this, or have you had your own experiences with organ donation?
  2. I haven't donated an organ yet, but I'm set to donate all my organs after I die (it's on my driver's license).
  3. thats a hard one i would say no to a stranger but yes to my husband and kids so i would not give an organe cause then what if my kid needs one down the line i have none to give him so for peopi do not know its a no till im dead for my kids its a yes i would cut it out my self but good for him for being so kind
  4. I haven't either, although they can have what they want after I die.

    But back when I could, I donated blood every 8 weeks like clock-work. If I forgot, they would call me. (They changed the rules a while back, I'd been in Europe in the 80's for longer than 6 months, so I can't anymore.) But it's something you can do that's just as heroic and keep on doing. Especially if you have one of the rarer types of blood. Anything Rh Negative, B Positive (only ten percent of the population has B) AB Positive and O Negative is the universal donor.

    Our bloodbank used to give out cool stuff when you got so many pints too. I was working on my 5 gallon pin when they changed the rules.
  5. I wish my grandfather would have let me donate a kidney to him years ago. He now is to a point where it would not help anymore. He would not let any of his family donate for him.
  6. I would definitely donate for a family member or a very close friend. As far as after I'm dead...I'm not really sure. It feels kind of weird to me to think of all my organs being cut out of me once I'm dead, leaving a hollow me. Maybe it just seems weird to think of it when your alive, kwim?
  7. They can have whatever organs of mine they can use after I'm gone.

    As for live donations...I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity. My fiance needs a kidney transplant and it would be a godsend to find a live donor. So far, there's been no match in the family, nor with me.

    An attorney in his brother's law firm donated one of his kidneys to a friend. I pray daily that someone will do this for my fiance.
  8. I would for a close friend or family member. I don't know if I would do it for a stranger though.
  9. Leah, did you know that you could be a variance donor and move your fiance up the list that way? We do a lot of these "anonymous" transplants where I work. Just a thought...

    Last year a coworker needed a kidney transplant and a couple of us got worked up to donate but no one ended up being a good match. I would do it in a heartbeat for a family member or dear friend---either direct donation or variance donation.
  10. Thanks for mentioning blood donation, Speedy! People tend to forget that this simple and relatively painless procedure really does save lives. Now I feel fuilty--I am O negative and am overdue to donate by about 2 months.
  11. Me too!!!!
    I want to get cremated- might as well give to people who need help!!!
    It's so sad some people wait years for a transplant and they die before they are able to get it.:crybaby:
    But i want everything of mine donated: hair (for cancer), skin (for burn victims), bone marrow, organs, eyes. etc!!

  12. You are welcome honey... now get yer butt down to the blood center! HA! The life you save may be someone I love! :p
  13. When I die, everything is fair game. I would also donate an organ to a family member, or, I guess, to a friend... although, honestly, I don't have too many friends that I'm close with anymore.

    I've wanted to become a blood donor, and actually looked it up online just a couple of days ago, but I have severe angst for doctors, plus I'm scared of getting rejected...:shame: I'd go if someone went with me.
  14. DH & I are donating all our organs & our bodies to a medical school.
    I believe in recycling!