Donatella Versace Waaaaaaaaay Before & After !

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    guesswho11.jpg guesswhorr.jpg
  2. whoa... what a diff... she looks weird now..
  3. Wow, I think she looks awful now.
  4. I think it's a shame that attractive people feel the need to OD on lip enhancement and feel they have to have a permatan. :shrugs:

    Although, her body looks a more natural colour than it did.
  5. wow... she looks so sweet before!
  6. I dont think she looks that much different her facial features and nose are the same. JUst the times changed and she has gotten more bold and she got veneers. lol
  7. She's so gross. =X
  8. Tell the truth...that's not Donatella in the second pic. That's a transexual hooker!
  9. ^^ LMAO!! :roflmfao:

    That looks like Ivana Trump in the first pics.
  10. yeah no kidding! she looks really manish now
  11. Much better before.
  12. Oh my...
  13. hmm, not sure that's an improvement. I would just add her to my "Reasons Why You Should Not Get Plastic Surgery" list...along with that lion looking lady.
  14. MUCH MUCH MUCH better before!!!
  15. Someone should tell these people in the spotlight that fish lips are NOT cool!!