Donate, give to family members or something else?

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  1. Just curious what everyone has done with purses that they no longer wish to keep in the collection? Personally, I give them to members of my family and I have also been know to be very generous to give them to my friends.
  2. I have given 3 of my Louis Vuitton bags to family. And I gave my entire Coach collection to my boss' daughter.
  3. I gave a few small Coach purses to my hair stylists daughter. She just turned 12 and is starting to get interested in makeup, bags and boys. LOL Anyway, to keep my stylist from having to spend too much money I gave her a few that I haven't worn in forever. I usually give my stuff to family and friends. If they don't want it, it goes to Salvation Army, Goodwill or the local women's shelter.
  4. gave mine to my sisters ... i have 4! and they all love bags too...
  5. I Ebay them! That's the only way I can justify my expensive obsession...
  6. Sell the good ones that I don't like anymore and the ones I don't think are good, I give to Goodwill or another thrift shop.