Donald Trump To NBC: " You Cant Fire Me, I Quit

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  1. They (Trump and Burnett) really should have quite while they were ahead - the first season was the only watchable one, IMO! Instead, they chose to go on and make more and more of this garbage.:yucky: At this point, who cares if NBC fires him or he quits! Buh-bye!
  2. but i dont understand.. donald said it was one of the greatest shows ever:throwup:
  3. Is that Martin Brodeur?
  4. Hmm, that's funny. When one of the contestants quit this year, they went on and on about how it was better to get fired than to quit. Guess the shoe's on the other foot now.:crybaby:
  5. Whatever. Buh bye.
  6. You bet!:yes:
  7. omg so true!!!
  8. Thank goodness!
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. I think I saw one episode of that show. He is really into himself.
  11. He's such a pompous self righteous a** (sorry...I really dislike him). glad to see he's off the air.
  12. such a loser!
  13. he's a perfect example that money cannot buy class.
  14. stupid show