Donald Trump Sued For $4 Billion.

  1. Real estate mogul Donald Trump is facing a $4 billion (£2 billion) lawsuit

    Real estate mogul DONALD TRUMP is facing a $4 billion (£2 billion) lawsuit from a Las Vegas property management company after he was accused of monopolising the market in the city.

    The Apprentice star is alleged to have unfairly blocked property firm Nights at Vegas from leasing out a number of the condominiums in the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

    Nights at Vegas takes a 20 per cent cut of the rental income when it leases out an apartment in the complex, while Trump owns a management company that takes 50 per cent of the lease income.

    But bosses at Nights at Vegas claim Trump has banned them from conducting business using the name Trump in any of its advertising or marketing in relation to the condos at the Trump International - making promotion of the properties virtually impossible for the firm, reports

    Nights at Vegas is suing on the grounds of violation of anti-trust laws, declaratory relief for non-infringement of trademark, false promotion and unfair competition. The company is seeking $1 billion (£500 million) in compensation, with another $3 billion (£1.5 million) in punitive damages.

    (credit: wenn)
  2. and the next headline we will see is: "Melanie filing for divorce from the Donald" :nogood:
  3. Lol
  4. :roflmfao:

    He's so creepy.... I doubt they'll win, but I wish they would...
  5. hahahaha

  6. bwahaha! good one! :lol:
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  8. I hope the win. I hate DT. I used to like him but then he started this stuff with Rosie and I think he acted like a big baby. I would expect more maturity of a man of his success and age.
  9. I don't like DT either. I think he's the biggest jerk walking the face of this earth.
    But there are so many shady business people in Vegas, that will sue at the drop of a hat. Trumps building didn't cost a billion, where did they come up their damages? There's not enough apartments in there to justify this dollar amount. Love to know who their attorney is. Got a funny feeling they got no real case.
    More crazy Vegas schisters!
  10. Wow...this is interesting!!!!
  11. Interesting. I can't stand Donald though. He's so arrogant. I wonder how the people in his life cope with that, if he is really like his public persona.
  12. I'm with you guys, he's an arrogant jerk. The name-calling of Rosie O'Donnell was just so juvenile. I do hope they win something, if nothing more than to wipe that smug look off his face!
  13. YES!

    Well if anything, since there's no cost sharing.. at least Trump will have to pay those legal bills !
  14. haha, i wouldn't be surprised. :roflmfao:
  15. It would be hard to like the Donald. What's to like? When I read he fired Carolyn from The Apprentice, because she was enjoying her fame a little too much, and he said she started to lose sight of her "real" job (is when I lost all respect for the moron). I think he didn't like the fact that she was taking away some of his spotlight action. So now he has his obnoxious daughter Ivanka and Don Jr. on The Apprentice. It would be karma to see Donald go bust. I also wonder how long it would take Melania to file. He is a total creep. If he had nothing nice to say about Rosie, why didn't he keep his mouth shut? Then Martha Stewart. I know he has a lot of enemies...