Donald Trump JR: FIRED !!!!

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  1. Outmaneuvered! Oh, the shame of a Trump not being fully prepared for all possibilities at a board meeting! I'm not feeling much sympathy for him. Anyone who has lived in a condo knows how a good or bad association can make all the difference in your quality of life.
  2. Oh what a shame!
  3. Just part of life and learning when you're young.
  4. Umm is the guy in that pic seriously only 28?! He looks OLD to me! :oh:
  5. ITA
  6. Hahaha serves him right!
  7. funny :nuts:
  8. Omg
  9. If what was alleged actually happened - then good for the condo board to fire him. Just because your father owns the building doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.