Donald Pliner?

  1. I just started seeing Donald Pliner. I bought a nice satchel today, suede......does anyone know about him or his products? I like his style.....
  2. I've owned a pair of Donald J. Pliner sandals for the past half year - very comfortable, I love the look of them, and I think I'll be able to wear them for a few more seasons at the very least.
    This christmas I bought an adorable purse by him - but I have no idea how it will perform come this spring. The leather is luxuriant for the price. (I have a lot nicer in my collection - but it's still fun)
  3. I got one of his bags for Chirstmas. I like it a lot but won't use it as I have other bags I use more. So I'll probably end up selling it.
  4. I have one of his hobo type bags made of a beautiful red leather with white whip stitching. It was my first "nice" bag and have received many compliments on it. Now I rarely use it since I have started using my newly purchased Kooba bags. One thing that I did find handy was the keychain hook inside. It's a nice quality bag for sure but it's not my favorite anymore.
  5. I think he used to design for Nine West. I have some nice shoes from his line and I've seen some very nice bags.
  6. I know his shoes are great and I saw some of his bags on the NM catalog. I don't know much about them, but I assume he uses good leather. Do you have any pics, Nickey? Thanks!
  7. I love his shoes, I'm sure his bags are great too!
  8. I have some his shoes and they are so sassy and comfortable