Donald J Pliner

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  1. I'd like some opinions on Donald J Pliner, specifically the handbags. I'm considering a major purchase for this brand, $825.00 to be exact. It's the Pace tote in a sort of purple/brown, gator embossed pattern. I'm pretty sure this style is new for the fall, though I've seen the Pace bag in other colors for a more modest price range. Has anyone bought it or seen it yet? In general, do you think it's worth it, or should I save my money on a more premiere designer handbag. :confused1:

    All opinions appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Don't own any of the bags, love the shoes.
  3. IDK about the bags, but I do like the shoes a lot!
  4. I have several Donald J. Pliner and they are some of my best, most well made bags. But I have never gone over the 400-450 range. I can just tell you that mine are great.
  5. don't know about their bags but their shoes are my favorites (very comfortable!)
  6. I almost dropped my dentures when I saw that our Dillards started carrying Pliner about a month ago. I love those bags, but they are mostly in the $280-$320 range there....
  7. Check the "made in" on these bags... I swore that I saw some of the bags in TJ Maxx (which I LOVE, admittedly) but they were Made in China so I didn't even consider purchasing them... Just FYI. Maybe you don't mind, but I want my purses to be made in Italy, France, the UK, etc. Even brazil or US... just my opinion, though.
  8. I totally agree. This one is made in Italy, and it feels so soft. Still, I too have never seen one of his bags cost so much. I'm on the fense, but will probably get it because I tend to get non-buyers remorse more than buyers remorse! LOL
  9. I double checked TJ's today and surely enough, "Made in China"... they must have a seperate line that they put out for the discount stores... GRRR...
  10. I've seen them at TJM, but they were more along the lines of $200-ish. Looked like nice bags though.