1. I saw some nice bags at TJMaxx and they looked really rich and stylish.
    Anyone know these bags?
  2. yes they are nice. c21 had them also!
  3. i think has a few styles too.. u can check the original price ranges out there :]
  4. The bags are pretty but always are too huge for me. But I consider him a shoe genius!!! I love love love Pliner shoes.
  5. never seen it :p
    but i might check the websites!
  6. I have Pliner shoes, but no bags. In general great quality. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a bag if I found a good deal.
  7. As a matter of fact my first "nice bag" was a Donald Pliner red hobo with white contrast stitching. I've been very happy with the quality and have had lots of compliments on it. It comfortable to carry and quite attractive. I thought that it was large until I bought my first Kooba hobo which makes this one seem small. The pockets inside are trimmed in leather and there is a neat clip inside to put your keys on, which I really like. The leather is soft but also quite sturdy with its pebbled texture. I have used it quite often but it still does not show any obvious signs of use. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as most of the gals on TPF but to me it seems like a very nice bag.