Donald J. Pliner - Allegro top zip satchel

  1. Ladies, I'd like your opinions on this bag. It reminds me of the YSL Muse, which I love, but out of my price range. The Allegro comes in white and black. I have enough black purses so I thought about getting this white one. TIA!
  2. I LIKE IT!!!

  3. that looks pretty......
  4. I think its cute.
    What does it sell for?
  5. ^^Zappos sells it for $338.95 with free shipping both ways.
  6. Wow!
    Great price!!
    It just go even cuter!!!
    I hope you get one
  7. cute!
  8. I ordered the bag, why not, free shipping both ways. I'll take pics and post when I get it. Thanks Ladies!
  9. The bag came today and it's a lot larger then I thought, which I'm fine with. The leather feels soft, but not as soft as my Botkier. I also like that this bag has feet on the bottom. To me it shows a higher degree of quality. Opinions please! TIA.
    jp2.jpg jp4.jpg jp5.jpg jp6.jpg
  10. I love Donald's bags....I also have several pair of his shoes. Your bag is gorgeous!
  11. Cute, love the bag and the price!
  12. It's a lovely bag and it looks great on you!
  13. TY, Kat. I am wearing some old sweat pants and ratty shirt. It's what I wear when I get home from work. I was too tired to put my work clothes on again and take a nice pic. :lol:
  14. Congrats, it's lovely.
  15. I agree, I have found some great D.J.P. bags and shoes, too!
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