Don’t you love it, when you get what you want? (no reveal – only action pics)


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Sorry in advance for the long post – can’t help myself :P
I’ve always been a fan of the herbag. So has DH. He loves all technic things and of course for an h-supporting husband the price sounded pretty good, too. ;)

But (as most of you know) the herbag had lots of size and colour combinations and I really didn’t like them all. So I thought I’ll just wait and one day I’ll find the right one. What a mistake. All of a sudden the herbag was no longer produced and the new one was one of these things that had to grow on me first. So I brushed it off again. ;)

Then, this summer on my hunt for a light coloured bag and after yet again saying No to a LV Damier Azur Speedy (no offense to those who have one), I started to look online to see if I might stumble upon something. :sneaky:

And I did! She was the right size (28), the right colour and the price was still reasonable. Can you believe this baby is ten years old? She is still in very good shape and for me it’s actually good, that she has been preloved, because then I want go „too crazy“, if you know what I mean. :nuts: The bigger bucket (no pic yet) has hardly been used at all. Both of them can also be worn as a backbag. After checking, if the place was trustworthy and after contemplating with DH for a couple of days I decided to hit the buy-button. :biggrin:

Sorry for not doing an extensive reveal, but I already got her a couple of months ago, when I wasn’t doing too much posting on tpf – just got back to that and realized I hadn’t shared my sweet summer bag yet. :graucho:

Anyway, enough of the talk – without forther ado - here’s some action!
Presenting my preloved vache natural/toile herbag (stamp C). :yahoo:


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too many turtles...
Thank you so much, Ali-bagpuss, 5babies4me, MaiTai, periogirl28 and DaisyMac for sharing my joy (and reading my little novel :biggrin:) Thank you also MaiTai for "blowing me up" - really have to try that myself sometime.

To all following readers: I'm off for today so TIA and I´ll be back tomorrow. :smile:


Jan 2, 2008
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Happy new pre-loved Herbag hair-mess
Your hair dont look messy at all but your smile looks a tiny bit forced :P

The bag really suits you. It makes me want to take another look at the Herbags I still see around me!


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Mar 16, 2009
HAIR-MESS, Major congrats! What a perfect bag for you, We are so happy for you and
you wear her well!