Don’t Ask Angelina Jolie About Jennifer Aniston

Feb 17, 2007
New York & Florida

I have to say, I am happy that Angelina Jolie isn’t feeding into this media frenzy that the tabloids are attempting to maintain. During her press rounds for Beowulf, a reporter actually had the NERVE to ask what Angie felt about W magazine putting out the two different covers showing both her and Jennifer Aniston. She snapped back,
“Why would I comment on that? That matters because….”
Moving on Angelina even admitted she isn’t the best cook when asked about upcoming Thanksgiving plans.
“Everything, but I’m not much of a cook, so we’ll see what happens,” she said. “We all chip in, but I… don’t think anybody in my family wants me to handle Thanksgiving dinner.”
With her culturally diverse brood, she says, it’s almost always a holiday at the Jolie-Pitt house.
“We celebrate Moon Festival for my boys, who are from Asia, and Kwanzaa and things like that,” she said, “so we certainly try to celebrate as many of those as we can and bring in all cultures.”