Don Imus just fired from CBS radio!

  1. Just read this breaking news...I say...could not have happend to a nicer (???) guy...sometimes there is justice.
  2. I heard this and really can't believe it. I didn't believe CBS would actually fire him. I mean, it's not like what he's did is very different than what he's been doing throughout the years. I guess the advertisers pulling out made the difference; and of course, all the media attention.
  3. My husband and I discussed this last night and he did not think he would be fired either. I don't think CBS really had a choice much media coverage and he really did cross the line. He has been inappropriate so many times before but I think when you attack young upstanding women that people just became more outraged than ever..and rightly so.
  4. Howard Stern would know not to say stuff like that!

    A Pennsylvania DJ got fired for repeating what Don Imus said. I thought that DJ was commenting on the story. It turns out that the DJ used what Imus said as the Phrase that Pays.

    People need to learn that it's just not okay to say things like that on the radio.
  5. Most of these dj's make their living being offensive on some level. I personally find Stern offensive and don't listen to him. We all have a choice of what we say and listen too...freedom of speech, etc. Where Imus really went overboard was not only making a racial slur but a sexist slur as well...he is essence offended all women. I hope he being made an example of encourages others to be more respectful, specifically to women. I feel so badly for these ladies at Rutgers who have, by the way, handled themselves with grace and dignity...this man really tarnished what should have been a shining moment for them.
  6. i'm glad CBS doesn't support making such disgusting comments against innocent, hardworking younge women.
  7. Actually, Stern has made some racially invenctive jokes as well. Quite a few actually. That's the shock jock routine.
  8. ^^ I apologize. I haven't listened to Stern lately.
  9. Exactly. He has said much worse throughout the past 20 years, so I'm surprised that this was the one thing that actually got him fired. The President of NBC News said that he received thousands of e-mails and then when the sponsors bailed... Imus was out...

    However, I wouldn't be surprised if he moved to Sirius and probably for a lot more money too. It seems as if everyone is getting a job in satellite radio these days.
  10. Sad but true...I think he will end up on Satellite radio too. Which is fine with with Howard if you want to listen to that. I am certainly not for censorship but sometimes you just have to take a stand and I applaud CBS for firing him...
  11. While I, obviously, don't agree with what he said....but, I think it's ironic that people are shocked by what a shock jock says, isn't that the whole purpose...and I for one am more concerned over the bad precedant it makes against freedom of speech. I may not like what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it.

    Every person has the biggest control ever....change the chanel! Howard Stern and Don Imus offend me, I know that and I don't listen, problem solved. If there are people who like them and they bring in the listeners why should they be censured just because I or any number of people find them offensive?

  12. I think if he wants to go on satellite /Sirius radio and say whatever they want, that's fine.

    But if they're on public radio, they should abide by the rules of public decency.

    I'm all for freedom of speech, but there's a line between edgy and just plain offensive. Calling those women 'nappy headed hos' crossed that line.

    He didn't come right out and say the N word but he might as well.
  13. :shame:
    I agree with the first point of your post, but I was kind of afraid to say so. I will defend the rights of others not to be persecuted by the government by merely excercising their Constitutional rights. "Free speech" is a phrase that is often bandied about too often (and much often in the wrong context), but is an ideal that I firmly believe in. Here's food for thought:...why isn't Al Sharpton calling for the banning of Ludacris CDs and others of that ilk; after all, Imus just insulted a group of black women, and arguably, Luda insults them all.

    CBS, however, is within their right to fire Imus because they are a private company, not a governmental institution, and will and should be concerned about their bottom line.
  14. This is such a sticky subject with me. Censorship is such a dangerous thing IMO.

    I am in no way a fan of Imus and I am not saying what Imus said was right at all. BUT what about all the singers and rappers that degrade women with their lyrics. They use the words "ho" and "*****" like that is what is an accepted term now. Also using the N word? Have you ever watched BET after hours and seen the videos?

    Don't even get me started on Al Sharpton.

    Like previously said, if you don't like the opinion of someone, don't listen to them.
  15. I completly agree, CBS, as private company can do as they please and when sponsors begin to pull out, there is going to be this kind of knee jerk reaction. But it saddens me that there was this whole media hoopla that perpetuated this stituation and caused this resolution.

    And I really get upset over these moralistic thought police. If this is unexectable to them, why aren't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson calling on the rappers to stop all the trash talk. Al Sharpton is no saint either, he has let slip some very anti semitic statements through the years.

    Caitlin, you said he crossed a line....but the problem is, who should decide where that line is? Freedom of speech means just that, and once anyone tries to define a line, you impead on that freedom of speech. To me, Howard Stern crosses 'the line' every single day. It really boils my blood the way he objectifies women everyday....but as I said before the simpliest solution is for me to exercise my right to not listen, rather than impead of his right to speak and others rights who enjoy him to listen.

    Don Imus has been on the air for 40 years, I think it is 20 with CBS...doing the same shtick all that time. Numerous offensive remarks to many different groups made through out that time....he should now be fired for doing basically what is expected of him because he offended the wrong group?