DOMS - How do you deal with it?

  1. Just uped the anty on my exercise program and have major DOMS in my calves and thighs. Wondering if anyones got any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain. So far I've done some stretching, used tiger balm and had my BF intensely massage for around 10 mins. It still very sore and tender. It's as if they are bruised.

    Would love hear any and all suggestions! :yes:
  2. What you've done above is fine. But you may want to replace the "intensely" massage with more gentle massage. If it is really bad take some Advil, aspirin, etc.... AND make sure you REST for at least ONE full day so the muscles can recover.
  3. Thanks cassidy! It's feeling a little better today, but still sore to walk.
  4. I'm not sure what DOMS is, but if it is soreness from using your calf muscles, I think the best thing to do is use them some more. I know this sounds countrer-productive, but I've always heard that lactic acid is the cause of sore muscles and if you keep them moving the pain will recede sooner. I also swear by hot baths with Epsom Salts. BioFreeze works well too, and so does a massage!:yes:
  5. Leelee, I've also heard that as well, which is why I exercised again today and while I was doing it, my lower body wasn't sore but soon after I could start to feel the soreness again.

    I saw some epsom salt at costco today and thought about getting some, but they only sell them in these huge bags. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Good luck to you! Nothing is worse than being in pain when we're trying so hard to do ourselves some good! LOL!;)
  7. DOMS= Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness

    and yes it's OK to move a little to get the lactic acid moving but you don't want to do another hard workout because the muscles will not recover.
  8. I also am part of the "active recovery" camp, but i don't mean doing another workout. Walking or running should the next day may be a bit painful but will mean the soreness is decreased after 48 hrs compared with doing nothing. You may also want to try taking 5mg of l-glutamine daily after workouts. Helped me no end!
  9. I've heard the epsom salt idea but what is it about taking an epsom salt bath that helps with the soreness? Or will just a hot bath do the trick?
  10. I'm not sure why Epsom Salts are recommended, but when I don't have any handy, I take a hot bath. That helps too but I don't know if it's more or less.:confused1: