Dominican Wash & Set - Anyone?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to see if anyone on the forum gets Dominican wash & sets.

    A little bit about me : I am Caucasian and African American and my hair is literally a mix of both. The hair on the front say 75% is significantly more "nappy" then then the hair on the back. It's a bit hard to explain. As much as I don't mind my tight coiled hair It's actually more high maintenance then maintaining a blow out.

    I used to go to dry bar 2x a week and got a traditional blow out and never wash my own hair in between - it was never super straight and since I don't get relaxers or any other straightening treatments as soon as humidity would hit my hair my roots would appear super curly.

    Recently a co worker of mine took me to a Dominican hair salon and OMG my hair was like SILK. It actually seemed like less heat because they didn't use a flat iron afterwards. I'm thinking about going twice a weeks (my scalp gets oily VERY quickly, even without product in it).

    Is there anyone else who does something similar? What are your thoughts on this method of blow out? Thanks!
  2. That sounds great! The only thing that I did was go to an Asian salon and they would was and when they did the blow it they would use small curling brushes to create spiral looking curls and it would stay for 2 days.
  3. I went twice almost 10 years ago. I wouldn't go again due to the high heat levels and general roughness.

    Plus I love wearing my hair as it is. Curly!
  4. Yes I've gone before but I haven't straighten my hair in over a year as I've been wearing my hair curly and have committed my self to no heat.

    They're okay but I highly recommend you not go twice a week as your hair is going to thin dramatically over time. I actually think the Keratin treatment would probably be better for you since you prefer to wear your hair straight.
  5. I go every other Friday just for wash, dry (under dryer), blow, then wrap. I have a real hairdresser, but it's a pain in the butt to get to her from my house. Since the Dominicans only wash my hair (I bring all my products), they can't do any harm and they are 1 block from my house. I go to my real hairdresser for cuts and touch-up.
  6. If you hair is still curly, I recommend going to a stylist who works with curly hair hair who can teach you about taking care of your curly hair, with the various textures. Most people have many curl textures throughout their head. Very few and probably not any people have one texture throughout their entire head.

    I am currently natural, and wear my hair curly 99% of the time as I like the fullness of curly hair. Back in the day when I had a relaxer I used to go get my hair fixed at the Dominicans every other week. I DO NOT recommend you getting your hair blown out 2 times a week. While it may not seem like a lot of heat, it IS a lot of heat and is very damaging to your hair. You will see your hair start to break off if you do go too often. I never had any issues because I spaced out my appointments, but girls who I knew who went every week or more, their hair was fried.

    Also make sure when you go to them, especially if you're going every week, that you get a deep condition treatment.

    Since I had to go across town to go to the Dominicans, I stopped going and started going to the Ethiopian ladies closer to me, and I like their hair care method better, because they took care of curly and African-American textured hair just like black stylist do. I would go in for a wash, condition, and roller set. My hair was very healthty then also.

  7. Thats for the suggestions! I wish i could wear my hair curly. I used to go to a hair salon that specialized in curly hair and suggested various products and such. I unfortunately work in finance now and I just feel like it's not suitable for my industry, It kind of makes me look "casual" if that makes sense. Sadly most of the hair salons by me are more catered to caucasian hair.... The ladies at drybar were always overwhelmed by my hair haha. I guess i have to reevaluate my options :sad:
  8. #8 May 12, 2016
    Last edited: May 12, 2016

    Just because a salon is geared more toward White women, doesn't mean they don't have a stylist that can do your hair. There could still be someone that works in the salon to accompany different ethnicities. Every salon I go too are all geared toward White women but there is always someone there that is well versed in all textures of hair. So just because it appears as a White only salon doesn't mean that's actually the case especially if there are guys there as they usually are the ones who try to get experienced with all textures as it sets them apart from the women and gives them more cliental/money.

    I would research salons in your area and check their websites and even call to see if there is someone there that is experienced in ethnic hair. I'm pretty sure you'll find one as there's usually at least 1 stylist that can do a variety of textures. Also as I mentioned before you might want to look into getting the Keratin treatment as your hair will last a lot longer.

  9. Wow. I never thought about asking. I do try to give them notice when I make an appointment but I should probably really request it. thanks so much!

  10. I agree with this. I have a lady that cuts my hair and a guy (with long THICK curly hair from Turkey that blow dries and flat irons my hair). He is the absolute best. He has lots of natural hair clients and takes care of hair, not just styles it.
  11. Yes, there is nothing wrong with asking, Do you work with African American/ ethnic textures hair.

    For yearssss growing up, I had a Filipina stylist! ;)

    Also, I wouldn't submit to the pressure to straighten your hair just because you work in finance. When I first went natural I was very worried about wearing my hair curly in my industry also. I think the key is, he can't just go out there with it looking all crazy and wild. There needs to be some kind of styling, and effort made with the hair. I think once you find your method, flow, you'll be good.
  12. Hair that is well maintained is always beautiful. It has been a real struggle for meto love my hair, which is curly in some parts, not so curly in others, andkinky in some. It’s a real mess. I have tried styling it curly, straight, blownout, treatments, you name it, but in the end I and work with what I have. I have to admitthat I feel not so "pulled together" when its curly, but I need tochange my mindset, maybe I just need to make more of an effort in working withit. My husband loves it “messy and curly”and surprisingly enough, my 14 year old nephew told me a few days ago “I likeyour hair curly, like a Lions mane, it makes you look different than everyoneelse.” That is enough motivation to work embrace it!

    As for the Dominican wash and set, I had it done once andloved it. I would agree with some of the others who have responded that it canbe a bit harsh, you may want to try it once a week for a few months to see howyour hair and scalp react, and then decide if you want to do it morefrequently.
    Good luck!
  13. Such a sweet comment from your nephew
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