Doma leather jacket or VS Rezrekshn knock-off?

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  1. Doma leather jacket:

    similar jacket by the Victoria's Secret brand Rezrekshn:

    Both are leather, but the Rezrekshn one is less than half the price of the Doma one.

    Here are my questions..
    - Is this leather jacket style classic enough that I can wear it for the next couple of years? That's the only reason that justifies buying the Doma leather one.

    - Has anyone bought a Rezrekshn jacket? How is the quality?

    - Doma or Rezrekshn?!

    Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I've never been a fan of VS quality, even though their online web pics are indeed shot better. Having said that, I think this style is definitely classic enough, not too moto with zips and hw all over the place, but not boring either, in classic black no less. I think the hoodie makes it more cute and unique than one without. I'd definitely spend the money on the Doma one, since you can wear it with any outfit almost, casual with skinnies and booties or a little dressy by mixing a feminine dress or skirt with heels.
  3. The leather on the Doma is very soft. I love it enough to own 2! :P
  4. I have this doma jacket in grey from last yr. Really nice leather. Runs big. Btw Bloomies f&f coming up. Presale starts on the 20th
  5. Doma! Leather is thick yet and soft!