1. is this a gray/green? What color does it look like the most? TIA
  2. I think in real life, it looks more green than gray, definitely. In pictures, it definitely seems more gray.
  3. in most of the pics ive seen it looks gray... but there's a recent dolma city up on eBay, it definitely looks more green - like a grayer seafoam - gray pistachio almost, im hoping this is more close to what the dolma looks like IRL, as it is BEAUTIFUL,, and i know they make this color in the messenger style which is my prefered style :wlae:
  4. dolma is a mossy green- quite neutral with gray undertones. really a great color- but it does change in the light- so each bag is different depending on how much it use it got, how often it was in the sun, if it was conditioned, how it was stored... i like that about dolma. i think its cool.
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