Dolma vs. Vert Thyme

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  1. These two colors seem VERY VERY close to me. Does anyone have any comparison pics??

    B/c these two colors are so close, does this make Dolma a less desirable and sought after color now?
  2. ^ I wouldn't think so, because Dolma has the older, desirable leather that VT doesn't have.
  3. dolma is more a vintage green color...i've been looking for a work in this color and it was extremely difficult so I gave up and bought a white work with GGH.

    Vert Thyme is alittle more darker and saturated then dolma!

    i love dolma though!
  4. dolma is definitely more saturated and darker. the color on every dolma i've seen varies - giving it a nice vintage feel, that you dont get with VT.

    i prefer dolma over VT, but good condition dolma's go for over retail and the ones that are for less than retail are usually in horrible condition *sigh*

    if you can find a VT with nice leather then it's a very pretty color :yes:
  5. So from what everyone is saying, it seems like Dolma *should* have a more vintagey distressed look and color? This is natural to that color?
  6. I love Dolma. It's an odd color. It reminds me of mossy grass with snow on it. It has that frosty look to it.:love: I think it has a much more vintage look than VT but both are pretty.

  7. yes, it just looks like a vintage/very worn in's gorgeous! It's an awesome neutral color...i just don't know what else to say because it's a difficult color to describe but it's beautiful and it's my absolute #1 holy's very rare to find it in the work style!

    here's pFer member, LOUIS_GAL's '05 dolma city:

  8. Here's a pic I shot showing a pre-loved Dolma Day that's a soft sage green color vs. '08 Vert Thyme in near-new condition and another '05 Dolma Green Chain-Strap Planet Shoulder bag that's in near-mint condition:


    The Vert Thyme has more yellow undertones than the Dolma and is decidedly more green.
  9. oh wow, great comparison pic.
  10. Yes, the Dolma does seem to have brown undertones to the green. Very earthy and deep in color.
  11. Thanks for this fantastic comparison. It really helps me understand vert thyme better. It seems to be such a difficult green to photograph.
  12. my favourite is still 05 dolma color, I hope i can find her in work since it's so rare!
  13. great photo realdeal - vert thyme is alot closer to dolma than i thought :jammin:
  14. great comparison shot!

    Does anyone else think if VT fades a little with wear, it will gradually get closer to dolma?
  15. Dolma is so lovely, as is VT. Dolma is def. more vintage with a mottled / uneven effect in colour saturation. The VT's are more even toned.