Dolma versus Origan/Olive which is nicer...?

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  1. I need to get my mind a little off my INK day dilemma so I was wondering what your opinions were on these two...?!

    I have seen a couple of pics in auctions but the dolma seems to vary a lot.
    I do like smoky, greens (or apple for fun) apart from that I'm not a green type.
    I'm considering both colors for the distant future :P (yes trama:angel: I promise to be good!)

    Pics for comparison are more than welcome!!!
  2. i like olive better :P
  3. btw catcat, your avatar is soooooo cute...
    made me want to have my xmas tree decorated in b bags!
  4. Uh.............DOLMA, of course!:P
  5. I vote olive ! It matches alot more than the greener greens. :yes:
  6. Dolma is more neutral, more grey... the leather has the amazing vintage quality that the older bags have, soft and buttery, distressed in a worn way, not with marbly cracks but with an overall smushiness. It also has the naturally faded look to begin with. Initially I was put off by this slight washed-out look, but it's grown on me.
    Olive (f/w 05?) is more concentrated. I like it too, but for different reasons. It adds color without being loud or too vibrant.
    Origan (s/s 06?) is muted like Dolma and has the ambiguous quality, where it seems beige one minute and green the next. It's warmer than Dolma too. My least fave of the bunch. And, of course, the leather - I think s/s 06 has been the thinnest leather, least favorite of Bal fans.
  7. slinks....I agree with you.:yes:

    I must tell you though, this Dolma I was lucky enough to get............WOW, this is so new that the color is still really dark and rich still. It's so yummy, I get to use and love it creating the washed out look myself if I want to.... Although, right now all I can bring myself to do is stare at it lovingly as it sits right next to me. Not to mention, the leather, it's soooo thick and buttery soft.
    I love, love, love it. :love:

    Thank you again, Swiss.:tender:
  8. slinks thanks for the detailed info, that helps!
    BellaFiore that sounds amazing :drool:

    Could you post some pics pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!:yes:
  9. Bella - could we see some photos please? perhaps you can convert Catcat over here ;)
  10. I vote for olive! The color is rich and beautiful~
  11. Here's a dolma mini twiggy, origan city, and olive first for color comparison:
  12. Holy shiz Rock, all yours?! what are the odds?
  13. I like to shop and shoot their pictures. I do love the bag porn ;o)
  14. I love ALL of your greens.....:drool:

    Thanks Rocksteady!:smile:
  15. Rock--does the dolma have a grayish tint to it? also, how would you compare the mini twiggy and the first? thanks:smile: